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  1. Just letting you know that Celebrity charges $6 USD for the Vietnam loose leaf visa and Princess charged $31 USD in December for the same visa. It was changed from $56 at the last minute. I would complain to NCL if I were you. Kari
  2. Wow, that is nerve wracking and thanks for letting us know that this can happen when booking a guarantee cabin. I guess you will have to check in and get your cabin assignment before leaving your large luggage with the porters. Not ideal. I hope you get a good cabin.
  3. Customer relations at Princess does a good job of calling their customers if there is a complaint but they sure don't go above and beyond to remedy the situation. I received another phone call after I informed customerrelations@princesscruises.com that passengers on the Coral Princess were charged $30 USD for the visa. She said there is no way to find out how much they were charged. All she has to do is phone the accounting dept or someone on the Coral Princess to find this information.
  4. I believe the Liverpool mall across the street from the cruiseship dock in PV has free wifi and there is a Starbucks there too.
  5. The current fee for the loose leaf visa is $5 USD per person. Obtaining a visa from the embassy for overland multiple visits will cost more than the $56 charged by Princess.
  6. Hi Tom, I am curious. Did you post a new thread and an admin put it under this Sapphire Princess thread? The same thing happened to me, but mine was called Princess cruises Vietnam visa rip off. I heard that passengers on the Coral Princess were charged $30 or $34 USD per person. It may have been a 60 day cruise starting in LA so they may have had more Americans on board. Perhaps, it has an effect on the fees. Kari
  7. Hi Nask, especially since we have to pay twice if we want to get off the ship the second time around. Princess rep said they have to have a processing fee. A $50 processing fee for 1000 plus passengers. Or maybe there is only 500 of us who have to pay since there will be more passengers that have the visa exemption. See you on board Kari
  8. Thanks so much Harfield, there is strength in numbers.
  9. Sounds like the passenger mix is important to you. Alaska and the Canada/NE will generally draw a more older crowd. Don't expect a lively crowd out on the deck like on a Carnival Caribbean cruise.
  10. Thanks for this info. I hope we are only charged $30 on the Diamond Princess.
  11. Wow! What a great cruise! I have a question. Were you charged about $34 for the Vietnam visa? Thanks so much!
  12. I was also really surprised that there were not many people on the roll call for Asia. But, I guess there are less North American passengers. On a roll call for NCL South America, there were so many members, I could not keep up to the traffic. Kari
  13. Not only $112 ..it will end up being double that for the two non consecutive visits on the 22 day cruise. That will be $200 more than what Princess will have to pay to the Vietnam authorities. I doubt that they will let us get our own visas when we arrive in Nha Trang. Kari
  14. Sorry if you have read this before, but it seems that cruise critic has moved my previous post to be under the heading of Sapphire Princess Vietnam visa. I just want to bring this to everyone's attention. Be aware that Princess cruise lines may still be overcharging their passengers and charging $56 USD for the Vietnam loose leaf visa. The Vietnamese government is currently charging $5USD as a group rate to cruise ship passengers. This could change of course, but I have written to Celebrity and they have been charging $6 USD per person for quite awhile. Numerous posts also state that RCL charges $6 USD. Please write customerrelations@princesscruises.com to request a decrease in the fees to be more in line with their competitors.
  15. Sorry for quoting myself but it seems that cruise critic has moved my comments under the Sapphire Princess thread. Do you think it is due to the fact that I put Princess Vietnam Visa rip off in the heading.?
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