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  1. Thanks, we're going to aim for 11:00. Hopefully minimal waiting for the family and gives me lots of time to return the car.
  2. We're flying in very early in the morning and then spending some time at South Pointe Park on Miami beach.
  3. Hi all, I'm going to drop the family off at the port and then return car to MIA and grab the shuttle. Departure time is 5:00. SetSailPass says check in is 12:00 - 4:00. When do you expect boarding to begin? Thanks in advance, IC
  4. I know you're not interested in a rental but I thought I would post for anyone else browsing. We rented a car from FLL to MIA for $31.37 taxes in. The car rental company provides a shuttle to the port.
  5. Yes, that's correct. I don't believe our current room (* Stateroom has third Pullman bed available) can accommodate a 4th person. Our current booking has US$75 OBC from a WOW sale. So my expectation was that we would be charged CA$345 and lose the US$75 OBC.
  6. We paid CA$2,134 for the 3 person. There's a 4 person guarantee available for CA$2,479.
  7. Appreciate the response. Explorer Jan 10th 2019 so not part of the current sale ...
  8. Hi, We're booked in a 3 person cabin for $2,134. It was booked as a ZI - Inside and has now been assigned as a Category K (stateroom has third Pullman bed available). We're now after final and there is a 4 person inside guarantee available for $2,479. I called my TA who called Royal. Royal told her we could move to the 4 person but it would be considerably more than the $345 difference. Does that make sense? If we upgrade to an OV I thought we could do it at the prevailing rate. Wouldn't "upgrading" to a 4 person interior follow the same rules?
  9. We booked a double inside and a triple inside at the end of July for the Jan 10th Explorer sailing out of Miami. For some reason the reservations couldn't be linked (something to do with groups?). Checked earlier this week and staterooms were assigned. Not sure when that happened, I'd been in the planner a bunch of times but it hadn't occurred to me that they might be assigned already. They were 7 cabins apart on the 8th deck but I couldn't figure out whether they opened into the same hall or not. Checked online and surprisingly there were no double insides available
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