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  1. Thank you for the responses. Mira, what are “the troubles?”
  2. Is this menu on, or will it be on, Symphony? We're on her next year to Northern Europe and would love to try some of those dishes. Thank you
  3. Is it possible to go from the cruise port to the Old Town using a mobility scooter? We'd just like to go around the area without taking a tour, but we have no idea if there's a way to get there with no stairs. Thank you
  4. It's not Customs, but US Immigration. It's simple and doesn't take long at all. You will have to go through US Customs in FLL, even though they don't have those blue Custom's forms anymore.
  5. Can someone using a mobility scooter get from the cruise port to the Old Town? We've never been to this port before and would very much like to just walk(me) and scooter(DH) around the old town if it's possible. Thanks
  6. Oceania isn’t much of a late night cruise line basically for a couple of reasons: the passengers are usually an older group and if you’re on a port intensive cruise, people tend to turn in early to get ready for the next port. On most of the cruises we’ve been on, Martinis is virtually empty by 11.
  7. My DH has a Pride GoGo Elite Traveller and its a tough fit in a regular balcony cabin. We have to remove the arm rests on the scooter so it can fit through the cabin door. The other thing is you have to maneuver the scooter so that it’s a straight shot into the cabin or else you can scrape the doorway and the scooter. If you can walk a bit, you might want to consider taking the scooter apart to store it in the cabin.
  8. Petra will be very difficult with a rollator. It’s uneven and quite rough and a lot of dirt walkways. If you go to places like The Royal Tombs or The Monastery using a rollator will be nearly impossible.
  9. Wow. Thank you all so much for this information. I did check out the Alilaguna site but I didn’t see anything about accessibility. It did say something about a floating dock, but nothing about whether a scooter would be able to use this transport. Any ideas about that?
  10. We will be visiting Venice on Riviera this summer and we’re wondering how far is it from the place where the ship docks to the vaparetto station. We want to take the Number 1 vaparetto to Piazza San Marco. My DH uses a scooter now, instead of a wheelchair, so we have to be prepared. Thanks for all your information.
  11. We just recently returned from a cruise that stopped in Havana, and my husband is full time scooter user. We were not able to get off the ship at all because the gangway could not handle scooters——at the end of the gangway there was a 7 inch step, so obviously a scooter can’t do that. Some friends that use wheelchairs did leave the ship but returned very quickly because their streets were impossible with no curb cuts or anything disabled friendly.
  12. When we were on board last month they were going to totally redo Baristas, the casino, the speciality restaurants, the Martini Bar and other public venues. The Polo restaurant manager said it’s going to be a pain because they have to totally clear the room and lock everything away to prevent theft. All cabins and suites will be redone with fresh bedding. If there is any furniture that looks worn, that will be replaced too.
  13. Bliss has the following charters on Celebrity: Infinity---April 8-13, 2019 Infinity---April 20-25, 2020 Infinity---April 19-24, 2021 So, not Summit, but Infinity 5 night cruises.
  14. When you have as many passengers as Celebrity ships carry, of course they’re going to have a lot more choices in the buffets. In more than 40 cruises on Celebrity, I’ve felt their buffet quality was sub par. Quantity doesn’t necessarily equal quality.
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