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  1. This cruise is about enjoying a quick getaway. Weve done it several times. We went to Catalina as part of our Honeymoon, so it brings back great memories for us. While youre there, you can rent a golf cart for an hour or two to tour the island. Theres some fun excursions, we enjoyed a trip on the ocean for a couple of hours cruising with dolphins. We usually grab a bite to eat at Antonios on the beach, but the quality isnt as good as years ago. Grab a few cheap drinks at one of the places in town, have a chowder bowl at the pier. Theres lot of little shops to see while you walk around. In Ensenada, weve done the wine tour through the ship, which was not a bad way to spend an afternoon. Weve also rented an ATV and just drove all around town. Visited Papas and Beer for a quick bite and entertaining people watching, stopping at the beach to see the sand dollars afterward. We ended that at a little bar within walking distance of the ship with super cheap beers and shots. You can also stay on the ship and enjoy the quiet.
  2. So, we just booked a week on the Splendor. We were on board once, when the fire broke out in 2010. Since we didnt get a chance to enjoy her (we did do lots of exploring during our cruise to nowhere), what should I know about her? Ive read dozens and dozens of reviews but want to hear "recent" CC opinions. We have an interior Spa room booked.
  3. Oh the forgotten drinks lol!! I'm interested in hearing about the 10% off cards?
  4. Great review!! I read your Vista review because we are booking the Panorama in 2020 and this review because the Magic is our favorite ship. Pretty sure your pics from Alchemy have convinced me to get Cheers for the first time. Carnival should give you a kickback :D
  5. HA! Nice. Just a few weeks ago, while planning the most expensive cruise we will take thus far, I threw out the idea of the Cheers program for being "too expensive". But, we are seriously considering it now. We like to drink on vacation and have always had a bill of a few hundred bucks for drinks, plus the hundred or so for Bon Voyage and carry on champagne and we have been rumrunner smugglers for all 6 cruises. We STILL end up having to watch what we order, order the cheaper drinks, etc. And we buy cheap drinks in port, to kind of make up for it. Once you add all of that up, we may as well get the package. We had been toying with the idea of going to an Al Inclusive in Cabo, rather than a cruise so we wouldnt have to worry about the budget, but I do not like to fly. SO, we are going to look at this cruise as an All Inclusive and upgrade to a Havana Premium Vista balcony room and get the package for our 20th anniversary. Im rambling but I just wanted to point out the All Inclusive comparison to folks who may be on the fence. Yeah, its a lot of cash at once but we will probably have a S&S balance of under $100 when we leave the ship.
  6. We were on the Splendor during the fire in 2010 and we saw some bad behavior from frustrated and at times scared people. Then there were folks who tried to make the best of a terrible situation that lasted for days. No vacation is ever going to be perfect but we have some fabulous and weird cruise pics from the Fire Cruise and it is a memory I am fond of sharing.
  7. Thanks for posting. All of us need regular reminders like this to put life in perspective. I was complaining about work stuff with a coworker just a little bit ago and while the complaints are legitimate, I am grateful to have a secure job. We havent cruised for a few years and since then, the prices are up and some perks are gone but I am grateful to be on this board, researching an future vacation because that means I will have the money to do so. Although I have lost much, I have much to be thankful for!
  8. We love the Mexican Riviera itinerary! I keep reading the same reviews about the Vista and Im hoping that staying in the Havana area will help get a way from the crowds. I cant decide between the Havana Cabana or an aft balcony. I love the little patio at the Cabanas but that aft view for a bit more is pulling me.
  9. Ive liked what I am seeing in Vista photos! Are the specialty restaurants free for lunch or do you mean the Guys Burger place and the other included places?
  10. Thanks for the feedback! To those who have sailed the Vista class, has anyone tried one of the Havana rooms? We are considering splurging for our 20th Anniversary and would love to hear the good and the bad.
  11. Parking has never been great at this port any of the 5 times Ive used it. I would google Park and Cruise packages for hotels in the area and get a shuttle/cab/uber to the port. We stayed at Hotel Maya one year and they shuttled us the short distance over. Have a great time on the Splendor!
  12. Im just catching up about the port changes and I think if we do book, I will do the park and cruise at one of the hotels nearby. I hate dealing with the parking there to begin with. I think Ill have a couple of mimosas in the room and cab/uber over.
  13. We are looking at booking the Panorama for next year and/or 2020, mostly because it is the new ship and its coming to our coast. We haven't cruised since 2014. We've sailed on the Imagination, Inspiration, Magic, Spirit, Paradise, and the Splendor. We liked the Splendor but it caught fire before we could really enjoy it and wandering around on it for nearly 4 days kind of killed that lol. Liked the Spirit, spent 9 days on it. Loved the Magic. The others don't stand out as liking or not liking. It we are cruising, we are good to go! We've never sailed a Vista class ship so Im wondering if you can share some things you love or hate about this class ship. . Would you book the Panorama if you already done the itinerary? Tell me your reasons! Thank you!
  14. Havent cruised for several years and always booked direct online or with a travel agent doing a group booking. Do you find any differences in booking through a live person vs booking online?
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