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  1. ProbablyRachel

    Current Star Class Questionnaire

    Thanks all! There are 5 of us in the suite and some filled it out thoughtfully, others a little sarcastic. I'm looking forward to the star class experience!
  2. ProbablyRachel

    Do we get lanyards when we check in?

    I WISH I could go without a purse around the ship! It would be liberating, unfortunately I have to carry medical stuff with me 100% of the time. But I still wear my seapass card rather than stick it in the purse to dig out whenever I need it. I'm a big fan of the zip-style clip lanyards that I just clip somewhere on my clothes.
  3. We received our Star Class questionnaire by email yesterday, at 47 days until our September 10, 2017 Oasis sailing. I've seen several questions about this first survey (and wondered about it myself until yesterday!) so I figured I'd share the current one with the community. It has 18 questions: Name as it appears on the reservation Preferred nickname of name you wish to be called The other guests in the reservation with whom you are traveling Ship (Options are: Allure, Anthem, Harmony, Oasis, Ovation) Sail date What would constitute a "perfect" day for you? What are three things you and your travel companion(s) have in common? Is there something you've dreamed of doing for a long time? What is the best surprise you have ever had? Given the choice of anyone in the world, throughout history, whom would you want as a dinner guest? What books are on your summer reading list or what movies are you dying to see? Are you a morning person or more of a night owl? What is your go-to beverage while on vacation? If you could only bring three things with you to a deserted island, what would they be? What are your culinary delights, loves and dislikes? Do you prefer to dine earlier or later in the evening? What is your device of choice -- Apple or Android? What model do you have? Did you know that 50% of guests onboard are celebrating something? What are you celebrating? Last but not least, is t here anything about you that we haven't covered? I'm trying to decide how to answer some of them... like questions 10 and 14! But at the same time getting very excited for my first star class experience, any advice for making the most of it?
  4. ProbablyRachel

    Oasis Spa: Reviews? Pictures? Prices?

    The ship's spa prices are definitely higher than what you'll see in the states. DH and I did a couple's massage on our honeymoon cruise on the Allure in 2011 and on our Oasis cruise in February, we had 1 spa treatment from our TA (Costco actually) and they let us upgrade it to the couple's massage. The massages were both excellent and definitely relaxing. However be prepared, they are terrible about trying to sell you their products, both times they were very pushy but we said no. I'd definitely recommend doing the spa tours on embarkation day, they'll show you everything and usually offer port day specials or additional services. I don't know what it's like booking spa services in advance. Not sure when your cruise is, but we're on Oasis again in Sept and we get a day pass to the thermal spa in our package, I'd be happy to report back if I use it. I've never actually taken any pictures of the spa, which is surprising because I take pictures of practically everything. The spa is actually huge when you look at how much of the ship it takes up, the entrance makes it look kind of small. There are a ton of pictures here: http://www.cruisecritic.com/photos/ships/oasis-of-the-seas-368/vitality-spa-162903/ But you may have already seen them.
  5. ProbablyRachel

    Oasis of the Seas - MUST DO/SEE?

    Check your cruise compass for anything "backstage" or "behind the scenes," we got to do a backstage tour of the theater (free) on the last cruise, it was cool. I also loved the comedy diving show that they did on one of the sea days. The comedy show and guacamole at Sabor are also musts in my book. Happy sailing!
  6. I didn't read all of the other comments, but there are plenty of great ocean spots other than your oceanview balcony. We we recently on deck nine, forward (near the elevator bank) and the view was great. There's a fantastic spot on Deck 5 in the back to sit and watch the ocean, it isn't usually crowded. There is also the Sun Deck on Deck 14 (can't remember port vs starboard) all the way forward down a stateroom hall, it's above the bridge and is fantastic and kind of a hidden gem. There are also nice places up on the pool deck and sports deck for ocean views but they are a little more active. You'll want to bring your drink with you to the Deck 5 and Deck 14 spots since there aren't bars nearby them.
  7. ProbablyRachel


    Speed varies on how many people are actually connected to it. We got VOOM on the Oasis a couple of weeks ago, no problem with YouTube videos but I wouldn't plan on streaming full length shows or movies on Netflix. I also recommend if you're going to do it buy the VOOM package before embarkation, we were thankful that we did because it was a lot cheaper than onboard prices.
  8. ProbablyRachel

    The long debated formal attire...

    We enjoy dressing up too. Even in our professional jobs, my husband and I aren't dressing up very often. He owns a tux, so he brings it to get more use out of it! The first formal night is usually more formal than the second - more tuxes/suits and long evening gowns on the first one and more party dresses and shirt/tie/jackets on the second. You could probably bring just one suit with a different shirt/tie if you're looking to make more room in your luggage, otherwise enjoy looking sharp in your suits! My husband prefers to change after dinner because he gets too warm in the formal attire, but it's common to see people dressed up all evening.
  9. ProbablyRachel

    internet usage ?

    Like everyone else said, you'll want to get VOOM and enable wi-fi calling. Buying the VOOM package before embarkation is way less expensive.
  10. The Oasis is a great ship. Yes, it's big, but it never feels crowded and there will be a ton for your and your son to do. Booking shows in advance is recommended, but not entirely necessary. None of the shows on our Oasis cruise last week were full, except for the adult comedy show. With that said, some of the shows don't offer reservations, like the comedy diving show or the farewell comedy show (which was kind of PG on this cruise) which is actually in Studio B on the Oasis. There were plenty of seats. It shouldn't be too late to book show reservations for the big ones. I highly recommend the Aquatheater show! RCCL recommends arriving at the port between 11:30 and 3:30 - we lean towards early. You won't be assigned a check in line, you'll give your luggage to the porters outside and join one big line for security. Once through that, you'll go up the escalator and there will be signs directing you where to go, it will be separated by decks. There are lots of friendly port staff who will help direct you if you need. Happy sailing!
  11. ProbablyRachel

    Disembarkation process?

    We just got off the Oasis on Sunday. Disembarkation can be chaotic but it doesn't have to be! Overall, I think you have three options. 1. Luggage valet service could ease some worry so it's just you, your little one and your carry ons to worry about. 2. Express Walk Off, which is self disembarking, is also easy. We did it on the last cruise when we had an early flight home. Elevators were working and we rolled our bags off and through customs. All of this happens around 6:30-7:00 am. 3. Otherwise, you can do normal disembarkation. You give them your flight information and they assign you a number tag, your stateroom attendant will leave the tags for our. If you don't like the time your number will be called, they have a special line at guest services to trade it in for whichever group you'd like to be in. We got off the ship with group 16 (about 9:00 am) and the line was okay, customs was pretty easy, it's just waiting. The porters will offer "Porter Express" where they load up your luggage on a cart and walk you through a separate customs line, it seemed to go faster and could be worth the tip if you have a lot of luggage and don't want to deal with the hassle.
  12. ProbablyRachel

    Favorite mixed drinks on Allure?

    I'm a big fan of the champagne cocktails that are specific to the Champagne Bar. I fell in love with the pear melon martini on the last cruise we took. They also make killer mojitos and have several different types of margaritas.
  13. ProbablyRachel

    Royal soda/water question

    [quote name='FedoraDi']Hmm, I have medical condition that requires me to drink quite a bit of water every day, I usually polish off about 6 20oz bottles a day. And reading that some suspect the ship water causes swelling in the lower limbs, plus sorry but I just dont trust ship water no matter how purified it is. So, if I got a letter from my doctor then I might be able to bring a case of water on with me? RCCL that is. Trying to figure out if it would be cheaper to bring a case with me, or just buy the 2nd level (premium?) drink package as it covers bottled water now (I think?).[/QUOTE] Since you have a medical condition, filling out the guest-needs form in advance might make bringing your own water easier. Royal Caribbean's online form is here: [url]https://secure.royalcaribbean.com/allaboutcruising/guestSpecialNeeds.do[/url] I had to request a sharps container and even though it wasn't in the room in advance, having the form and confirmation email they sent me made getting one in my room really easy.
  14. ProbablyRachel

    What is the "On Air" club on Allure?

    Like the others said, it's a bar where you find sports, bad singing, but also trivia events. It's usually not as busy as the other bars when there isn't an event going on.
  15. ProbablyRachel

    Freedom of the Seas -inner room

    Stayed in a promenade view room twice on FOS and was very happy with it. The people-watching was great! We were on Deck 7 and 8 I believe so I can't answer that question. If you search the threads for your cabin # you might be able to find a review of it. I think robes are a perk for higher-levels of C&A, we've gotten robes and slippers once and that was on our honeymoon. There's a safe in the closet, it's a reasonable size, just not huge. Plenty of room for my small laptop, both phones and small personal items to be in there together. There used to always be pens and paper in the room then on our most recent cruise we didn't have a pen. I'm sure you could ask for a pen from your room steward and they'd happily bring you one. Yes there's mini golf!