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  1. We had a very active roll call on a Panama Canal cruise we did several years ago and we did our Cabin Crawl on a different day than we did our meet and greet I believe. We saw everything from an inside to the GV. We also had a "poker run". I don't remember us splitting into groups because we showed our cabin and I remember seeing all the cabins so I don't think I had to go to our room and wait for people. I do remember it being crowded getting into the rooms and waiting for people to come out so others could go in. We started in one of the clubs and ended in the same club to see who had that best poker hand.
  2. We haven't sailed this year but last November didn't have any issues. On Thanksgiving we had dinner for 25 on our deck.
  3. Thanks for all the words of advice. We have booked the 12 day partial transit roundtrip from Miami in November. There will be 4 generations of us traveling. My dad didn't hesitate for a second when we ask him if he wanted to try it again. I can't wait to share this with him.
  4. We are from South Louisiana. 30 miles from the gulf. Hot humid and chance of rain storms is the story of our life. We live with our glasses fogging up when we step out of our vehicles. And my dad was so looking forward to this trip when we originally had it planned. He had already gotten books and started reading and then my mom got very ill. By the time the trip came she had recovered enough for us to be comfortable going but the doctors wouldn't release her to travel so we went without them. They will be 80 and 88 if we go in November and still get around fairly well so I want to go ahead and plan it soon.
  5. The time that we can go the full transit is 21 days. I didn't know that they did a 14 day one though. The one we did was 19 days.
  6. So you did actually go through some of the locks? I was afraid you didn't get to do that.
  7. We did a full transit of the Panama Canal with NCL a few years ago and loved it. My parents had planned on going but my mother go sick and they couldn't travel. My dad has always regretted not being able to have gone. We want to take them in November but don't feel they are up to a 3 week trip. Can someone who has done the shorter trip tell me what actually happens the day you are at the canal on the round trip out of Miami. My dad will be 88 when we go and I wouldn't want to spend the money and him not get to have a good experience. We have even considered booking the longer trip and flying home early which a couple with us on the last trip did but the dates don't work out for us. Thank you for your help in advance. I was wishing I could talk to my PCC tonight and then thought of all the awesome information I have gotten from CC over the years.
  8. I have so enjoyed your review and pictures. We were on the same cruise and it was like doing it all over again. I even saw two of our group in one of your pictures. We had a great trip and the staff was so friendly.
  9. We just got off the Dawn 4 days ago and had a wonderful time. Roel Gonzales was as good a concierge as we have ever had. The ship was in good condition and food was great in every venue we tried. We didn't make any dinner reservations or shore excursion reservations until we got on board. We were able to do everything we wanted, including 18 of us eating together at Teppanyaki. If you are a planner there is no need to wait but we usually end up changing dinner reservations if we have booked them in advance. We didn't have great luck with request sent to the pre-cruise concierge but never do so that doesn't upset us. We are just always kind of curious to see if it may start working some day. I hope you enjoy your time on The Dawn as much as we did.
  10. We have been in all of the GV's and never had an issue with outside noise. Noise can be an issue on the Dawn and Star with the shared wall. We had children in the villa beside us once that enjoyed "playing" the piano a lot. We will be on the Dawn this coming Sunday and traveling with a 10 month old and 6 month old twins. We have both villa's. Otherwise I would pity our neighbors. All in all they are amazing and will provide you with a wonderful experience.
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