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  1. We got a cabana in the water park for $629 but it included passes for 5 of us so the extra $150 or so was worth it. Some of the others that do not include passes are far more expensive so I would pass, but others have certainly enjoyed them.
  2. It is not offered on Symphony. Just off her last Saturday.
  3. Thank you. I appreciate the info. I will give it a shot if I do not hear anything by tomorrow.
  4. Does anyone have the Royal Genie email for Symphony? We are sailing a week from Saturday and have heard nothing. We normally get an email from them two to four weeks out. My guess is, based on previous emails from other ships that it is something like SY_GOTL01@rccl.com, but if anyone has it exactly, I would like to drop it a note. Thank you.
  5. Thank you for taking the time for this entertaining and informative account of your journey. I always enjoy them and appreciate the effort required.
  6. Last cruise we were notified the day before that we lost, we are 24 days out and have not received any notice, but I will be surprised if my bid is accepted.
  7. I put in the lowest bid they would accept for the RLS on Symphony. Would be fun if they take it, but then I will get the bill 😔 The total for my current 2 BR ATS plus what I bid about what the RLS is currently listed for on the cruise, but I will not have to pay any additional for the other three people so I think that helps. They were taking bids up to I think $9,500 PP which seems odd considering that is more than the actual price PP of the suite, but I guess it is interesting marketing research. I will let you know what happens.
  8. We were on the same Harmony cruise as cruisegirl and they could not have handled it better. We were kept informed through daily, sometimes hourly announcements, information was on the televisions in the room, our cabin attendant and Genie kept us up to date. We had internet, but the ship made it free at certain times so people could check and change flights, contact family, etc. There was no shortage of things to do, they added two port stops and we were never in danger. That has been my only experience getting delayed by a hurricane, but if it happens again I know we will be in good hands.
  9. Frank, wanted to try Symphony and we went on Anthem in March. So far we have stuck with Star, but next year we may try other ones, although Allure post drydock may be worth a look. Hope all is well with you and yours.
  10. If you are thinking about it then while cost is always important, the fact that you have not dismissed it out of hand indicates it is a question of value vs. cost. Star Class is a lot of fun and with four people, unlimited (almost) everything will eat up some of that difference. Will you have to pay $700pp*4 or just for the first 2 in the cabin plus less per for the other two? We were charged regular price for the first two and then about 20% each of the first two people for the remaining three. Genies make it effortless and if you can think of it they will try to do it. We have only sailed in Star on floor 17 on Oasis class so this will be our first experience in a 2BR Aqua Suite, but with 5 of us it was the only option I wanted to pay for. I may shoot an UP Bid for the RLS, but the minimum is $5,200 and all I get different is more room and on floor 17 so I will probably pass, but even if I take a shot it may be claimed. I would do it, but then again I will not have to pay your bill 🙂 If you have any questions I will do my best to help. Best of luck, have a wonderful time.
  11. Are the bid prices per person only applicable to the first two people or is it per person for the number of people in the cabin?
  12. We just booked a cruise on Symphony in September and I am hoping to find out who the current Genies are to see if any we have had before are on Symphony so we may request them. Is there any resource for that and if not, would someone mind seeing if they can find out? I am happy to call or email anyone, but my search prior to this post proved fruitless. Thank you.
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