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  1. Hi. We will be cruising with Euribia in July. I wish to ask whether someone knows if the "always available" items are still offered in the MDR. These are food items which are always on the menu, should one not fancy anything from the day s menu. And also, are there options for kids? For instance my daughter only eats pasta and some other small things. Will they accommodate this should she find nothing to her tastes on the day s menu? Thanks in advance.
  2. Thank you very much for your answers
  3. Hi...Do you know where exactly does MSC Euribia dock / depart from in Copenhagen? There are 3 Terminals there. Thanks in advance.
  4. Very good tip...thank you very much
  5. You re the best...thank you very much for all the info
  6. Perfect thanks...sorry for asking a lot of questions...our daughter only drinks water...is this available all times on the cruiseliner or we have to buy a water package?....Me and my husband only drink water and soft drinks...is there a package that covers only these? Thanks again
  7. thanks a lot for your detailed reply. Do you think we will be able to utilize the pools? And I assume that our 18 year old wont be able to attend the Teen Zone, right? Since they cater for teenagers till 17 years of age
  8. Hi... We are a family consisting of 2 adults and an 18 year old. We would like to take a cruise in the Norwegian Fjords. We are considering MSC Euribia and Costa Diadema. Which one has the most facilities for teenagers? And, will we be able to use the outside facilities on a norwegian cruise? Thanks in advance.
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