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  1. Can anyone onboard currently let me know what the current booking bonus/ how many perks would be for balcony & insides - I'll be onboard next week and wondering what the current perks were. Thank-you
  2. Rest assured - you will be able to do your food in the Aqua made to order gluten free, especially suitable and safe if you are celiac. You will order the night before for your nightly meal, and also for breakfast. The Blu isn't open at lunch, but you can eat in the MDR at lunch. If you have questions feel free to message me, I would be happy to help you out with additional info - I've been traveling gf for well over 13+ years now!
  3. Sailing: Dec 2018 Ship: Silhouette Cabin# 1535 Deck# 11 Class # Aqua Class 2 Area# Forward Bed# Near Bathroom Quiet# NO! Balcony View # Unobstructed Balcony size# Normal Wind Problem# No Problems# NOISE - it is across from a Crew Service Entrance - and there are several doors behind the main door with lots of activity, including contstant use of a moving dolly - banging started before 5:40am everyday. It was so bad that they locked it in the evening and tried to cut the noise for us. In the afternoon there was banging from the Aqua Spa Cafe' above - (slamming the door). If you have this room - bring ear plugs for a better rest.
  4. They had it on the Dec 9-21 cruise that I was on!
  5. We try to do the comment card at least several times during a cruise! We recognize "anyone" that goes above and beyond their duties, or is outstanding in their job they are assigned. My favorite comment card went to a restroom attendant - for the job they had, always a smile, hand towels were folded ready to hand you one, everything was always sparkling clean or they were cleaning, always spoke with such a happy, positive perspective - that was their assigned position for the 10 nights we were on board the Reflections - they needed recognized for such a great job they did! I think if more people would look for the good in the crew there would be much less complaining. It can also change their lives in a positive way too. (the crew member or their own depending on the experience) Our Sommelier on that same cruise was very good, but run ragged, every evening he was on triple duty in the Blu, Tuscan & Luminae - He would come and talk for just a quick moment, pour and then make a mad dash to the next glass to refill. I sadly don't remember his name, but he also brought wines that were great.
  6. I do understand the feeling that something has been taken away, however, the old loyalty perk doesn't really fit anymore with how we like to enjoy any cocktail, water, soda, wine or whatever we choose. I think it would be an awesome perk if you could use it through-out the day to meet your needs. Special Coffees, water, soda, wine, whatever it is, but that isn't the option we have.... and the new one does seem pretty flexible to fit more peoples needs. SO, instead, we enjoy getting what we want, when we want it - and we should, we're on vacation, but, if one of the perks works, we use it! On occasion we like to have a bellini or mimosa in the morning as something special on a sea day to start the day, we only do that on our cruise, and it makes it special and something to look forward to when we're renewing ourselves at sea..... (and I believe that is still a loyalty perk in the morning)
  7. Those cars are able to get into tight places where others can't - like a walkway in a park, incase of an emergency, or for "riding a beat" to keep their eye on things. A few years ago, I watched the shuttle be floated up the Hudson to be put on display, that was very interesting!! And thanks for posting the wines the other day, I was excited to see a Malbec on the list. I think that's the wine my husband had one on our last cruise onboard Reflections.
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