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  1. I received an email from Princess informing me that my September 11, 2021 British Isles cruise on the Crown Princess had been canceled. They also included a list of replacement cruises on the Sky Princess with the August 30, 2021 British Isles cruise being the same itinerary and the recommended replacement for me. But I would have to wait until September 30, 2020 to rebook a cruise. What is unclear to me is how does this really work? Am I automatically moved over to the August 30, 2021 sailing date and into a comparable cabin (I was booked in one of the Owner's Suites) or do I have to start all over and hope that I can find a comparable cabin? Do I have booking priority over those who were not previously booked on the Crown and then canceled or do I just enter the pool of cruisers? While I was offered an additional $200. OBC if I rebook by mid October 2020, there is no mention of all the other OBC, internet, beverage packages, etc. that I had on the cruise that was canceled. I guess what I am really wondering is if new bookings are not open to the general public until after the mid October date so those that were canceled have an opportunity to book first and perhaps recreate the cruise they originally booked? Any information would be helpful. Thanks.
  2. We have booked a cruise to Iceland and Norway in 2020 and my husband has some concerns as to the food that will be being served in the dining room and/or the buffet. The last couple of Princess cruises we have been on seem to use a fair amount of the "local" cuisine which is expected but unfortunately it hasn't been particularly good and seemed to be a lot of repeats. Most recently we were on the Island Princess for a Panama Canal partial transit and seemed like there was a lot of poorly prepared "Caribbean" items on the menu and we heard so many passengers asking for "just some identifiable food"! For the Baltics and Northern Europe, Princess was heavy on cateering to the Brits' tastes which was a shame. Has anyone recently cruised to Iceland and Norway and if so, how did the menus seem?
  3. We have signed up for the Dolphin Swim at Ocean WOrld in Amber Cove, DR and I am wondering if anyone who has already done this excursion could give us some information and any tips that might be helpful. I would like to know if there are lockers and changing rooms available for us to leave a change of clothing, back packs, eye glasses, etc. Are they secure? Since the excursion indicates no jewelry or eye glasses in the water with the dolphins we will need to leave these items somewhere and I know that I will want to change out of a wet swim suit. Any inofmation you could provide would be most helpful. Thanks!
  4. We have booked an excursion to do the Dolphin Swim at Ocean World in Amber Cove, DR and I am wondering if there a place for us to leave a change of clothing, backpacks, eye glasses, etc.? Is it secure? Are there changing rooms? If anyone has done this excursion before, what can you tell me as to how it works. Any advice or information we should know in advance? Thanks!
  5. Has the propulsion problem on the Island Princess been repaired?
  6. Has anyone done the Dolphin Swim at Ocean World in Amber Cove? If so how was it; how deep was the water; was the water clean: was it buggy in this area? Any input would be most helpful.
  7. We are signed up for the swim with dolphins in Amber Cove. Can you tell me about your experience doing this? Is the water clean?
  8. We will be sailing on the Island later this year. Would love to hear about the library regarding number of books. How did the casino look; specifically if the slot machines were newer or older? Thanks!
  9. Since you were on the Island Princess for a Panama Canal cruise recently could you answer a few questions for me as we will be doing the Panama Canal in October 2019? 1. How were the mosquitoes? Were they problematic? Lots of other insects/bugs? Did you have to use a lot of insect repellent? 2. Did you get any shots/vaccinations prior to this trip? 3. Did the Library have very many books? How about board games? 3. I keep reading that the Casino was made smaller when they added more state rooms. Were there many slot machines or were a lot of them removed? Thanks for answering.
  10. Just booked the October 2019 Panama Canal with Costa Rica and Caribbean cruise on the Island Princess today and when I looked at the CDC information regarding vaccinations it appears that there is a long laundry list of shots required and recommended, with Measles at the top of the list for every port. My husband and myself were both born prior to 1957 so should be exempt for the Measles and of course do not have a written vaccination record from when we were children. However it appears that Princess may require written proof. Are we expected to be re-vaccinated just so we have written proof? Got the HEP A prior to doing Northern Europe and the Baltics three years ago and brought written proof and never had to show it. Anyone know what is really expected by Princess?? I will be contacting my family doctor this week to see what she is recommending in the way of shots.
  11. I see postings regarding the library on the Crown Princess and I experienced that library first hand on the October 2018 Western Med-Transatlantic crossing (a lot of books when I first got on the ship and then a lot were returned the last two days with empty shelves in between---book hogs just like chair hogs abound!). I would like to know how the library on the Island Princess is. How is the book selection; are there any current books, paperback or hardback; etc. etc. Are the board games, playing cards, and puzzles also stored in the library on the Island Princess the way they were on the Crown Princess? I will be bringing my Kindle but it is sometimes just nice to check out some other options!
  12. Can anyone tell me approximately how many slot machines are in the casino? Are there any of the interactive newer type?
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