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  1. splummer

    Tips and Hints on Summit

    We were on a late Nov/Early Dec cruise and there were only a handful of kids on the ship - so the fun factory was pretty quiet.
  2. splummer

    15 day cruise to Hawaii with kids

    We did that cruise a few years ago on Princess in the winter- I think it was five days at sea on the way there (all cold except the last one) and five days at sea on the way back (again, all cold except the first one leaving HI). So, the days we thought would be hanging by the pool were too cold for the pool (aside from the indoor pool). We were in our early 40s and there were probably only a handful of other kids on the cruise. Honestly, WE were bored with the number of days at sea. The demographics of that cruise tended to be much older than we were. I would personally not do another cruise with so many at sea days in a row again - but that is just my personal preference. On the other hand, we did a FL to CA panama canal cruise that was awesome and I'd totally do it again - so for me it isn't the length so much as the fact that the HI itinerary had just too many at sea days all in a row.
  3. splummer

    December 1 - Barbados Independence Day - anyone been there?

    Thanks for updating us. I hope that the flooding isn't impacting you and your fellow residents too badly.
  4. We will be in Barbados on Dec 1st (which I understand is a holiday). We will have our 4 year old daughter with us. Are there any special events for the holiday that might be fun? If not, what would you recommend for activities that would be open that day and appropriate for a 4 year old? I'm a little concerned about taking her on a catamaran - it seems like it might be a bit too open and unsafe for young children.
  5. splummer

    December 1 - Barbados Independence Day - anyone been there?

    Do you know if there might be any special events for the holiday that would be fun for my 4 year old daughter?
  6. splummer

    Tips and Hints on Summit

    Great feedback Scottie -thanks for taking the time to reply. Us future Summit travelers appreciate it so very much! Any advice on connecting a tablet or laptop to the in room TV? Just a standard HDMI cable?
  7. splummer

    Upcoming Summit Cruise 11.8 - Questions?

    Thanks so much for offering to answer these questions - I hope that you're having a great trip! If it isn't too much trouble, I'd love to know what kind of cable I need to display my tablet on the TV (so I can bring kid movies for my daughter)?
  8. splummer

    Tour By Van

    I did a tour for 6 of us with Rudy last week on the Coral Princess - and I couldn't have been happier. He is as knowledgeable and helpful as they come - if only I could find a "rudy" in every port. Here's an important thing - he does not include any shopping on his tour unless you specifically request it - so unlike many other tour guides who are getting paid to make you go to their jewelry store, Rudy just sticks to showing you the sites, and helping you get to know Acapulco better. He clearly loves his city and wants to acquaint you with it too - showing you far more than most tours ever will. He will accommodate your requests and was more than willing to answer questions and spend time where we wanted to. His van is equipped with a microphone so that even people in the back seat could easily hear what he had to say. The van is in good shape and well maintained. Rudy is a gem! Sue
  9. splummer

    Tour By Van

    For anyone with concerns, I just arranged a tour of Acapulco for 6 of us last week while we were in port and Rudy was absolutely as good as promised. If only there were a "Rudy" in all ports. He was on time, his van was in great condition and I feel like I learned more from him than I would have seen in 4 or 5 tours with someone else. He provided drinks, and truly was open to adapting the tour to what we wanted to see and do. I couldn't have been happier. His in person communication is every bit as good and thorough as his emails - I can say I wholeheartedly recommend him.
  10. splummer

    Princess Architecture Tour Cartagena

    Thanks so much for the feedback.
  11. Has anyone taken the Architecture and Museum tour of Cartagena. If so, did you like it? Would you recommend it? My husband and I are in our 40s, and very active, but love architecture, so it has us intrigued. I would welcome any feedback.
  12. splummer

    Which Panama Canal Itinerary

    Thanks everyone for your suggestions. We are having my father-in-law come to us in Costa Rica and we decided to do the full transit. I have my fingers crossed that no swine flu outbreak will cancel ports in Mexico, as my husband will have my head on a platter if we have more than 1 or 2 sea days at a time. :-) That was one of the main factors that had us waffling on partial or full transit. But Princess offered a mini-suite on the 15 day for just barely more than a balcony on the 11 day - and that sealed the deal.
  13. splummer

    Which Panama Canal Itinerary

    We're trying to decide between an Oct 10 day itinerary with Princess RT to FLL (Oct 21) or a 15 day from FLL to Los Angeles (oct 23). The main considerations are the ports/canal views in Panama & Costa Rica. The 10 day cruise only goes partially through the canal then stops at Colon and the next day at Limon, Costa Rica. The 15 day goes through the entire canal, then stops at Fuerte Amador, then in Puerto Caldera Costa Rica. We might try to meet up with someone that lives in San Jose while we're in Costa Rica - but it seems to be about equal distance from both of those ports. The other factor is the 15 day goes to 3 Mexico ports - which could be cancelled if there is another swine flu outbreak I guess. Any suggestions or other things we should consider prior to making the final decision?
  14. splummer

    Island Princess Review - 12/5-20 - Long Post

    You don't want the airport location - it isn't terribly close. We rented using Dollar in Kona, their location is inside the hotel right by where the tenders come in - here's the info: Pickup Location: Kona - King Kamehameha Hotel (use for Cruise Ship Arrivals)-KOAN02/Hotel/KAILUA, HI Pickup Location Phone: 808-329-2745 I think Thrifty also has a special location code for cruise ship pickup Pickup Location: Kona - King Kamehameha Hotel (use for Cruise Ship Arrivals)-the phone number and address is the same as the phone for the airport though - so it might just get you a shuttle to the airport. I'd call first to confirm. No reason to add and hour to pickup and drop off your car. KONA CRUISE SHIP PICK UP ONLY (K53) 73 KUPIPI STREET CRUISE SHIP PICK UP ONLY KAILUA-KONA, HAWAII 96740 UNITED STATES (877) 283-0898
  15. splummer

    Island Princess Review - 12/5-20 - Long Post

    There were different types of low fat dressing every day both day and night- but they did rotate flavors. However, if you don't see it on the menu, just ask - I think all the main types were available all the time if you ask. They always had fruit available for dessert - of course, I never ordered it though. :-) The sorbets were fantastic - some of the best I've ever had. Never saw berries by themselves, just as part of some prepared dessert. I'm not sure if the enclosed pool was filled while we were in ports - sorry, maybe someone else remembers that. They were current movies - DaVinci Code, Lake House, Pirates of the Carribean (the 2nd one), Mrs. Henderson Presents - those were a few, don't remember them all. Can't really think of anything I wish I had known in advance. Well, maybe I would have complained to Ignacio earlier about the coffee- it wasn't until the last couple of days that we got coffee from Sabatini's in the dining room - after we took the galley tour and asked about it. Oh - by the way, you can ask the head waiter or Ignacio if you can have a private galley tour - it's much better than waiting until the end of the cruise when they publish that they are doing one. The first food demo, the chef said we could just ask, so we did and it was interesting - something to do on a day at sea. The chairs in the library looked pretty comfy, but I never ended up in there for some reason. They also appeared to be outfitted with audio equipment (I am guessing for CDs), but I didn't really investigate further. I read 8 books on this cruise - all paperbacks, so I dropped them off as I finished them and noticed that they had all been taken by the end of the cruise. Definitely look behind the attendant's desk - they leave paperbacks or other books that people can take (not borrow) so it is worth checking out if you want something new to read. Many nights I ordered the shrimp cocktail if I didn't see anything I wanted. Oh, by the way, don't miss dinner on the night you are in Honolulu, it was the French dinner and in my opinion, the best menu of the whole trip. But, if you have to eat off the ship, I was told that there is a Thai restaurant there in Aloha Tower square that is very good. Yes, the shop had Swarovski jewelry - quite a bit of it.