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  1. Will miss the bi-monthly issues, with highlighted ships and ports, and interesting letters from fellow cruisers. It was always great to see a Celebrity ship on the cover over the years. The end is not surprising with no cruises or advertising dollars. RIP!
  2. Just booked a new cruise, directly with Celebrity, for next year using a FCC from a cancelled cruise. For the new cruise I was charged only the taxes and port fees, and was also credited the FCC off the balance due. Did I hear correctly that I owe nothing else for a deposit at this time? My booking confirm still refers to a deposit of several hundred due in a couple of days. Before I call them, thought I'd reach out!
  3. Wow, what a variety of responses. Like Mr. Click, I am feeling the same way about my current TA who wanted me to prove it was cancelled! I am too stunned to respond so I am going to hold back to see who contacts me first, and when. I don't have a lot to lose or get back as the deposit was very minimal.
  4. Interesting. I learned of a cruise cancellation through a roll call. So far, no emails from either TA or Celebrity!
  5. From your experience, if you work with a TA, when Celebrity cancels a cruise, are you notified only from your TA or also DIRECTLY from Celebrity?
  6. Just happened to me last month on the Reflection. As in the past I spread out 30 items over 2 bags. This time, they charged me $20 on bag #2. When I questioned it, Guest Relations told me it means "up to 30" items in ONE bag. The rep called the laundry area and they were nice enough to reverse the $20 charge. I think they've been trying to make sure that now it means one bag. (good luck trying to fit 30 adult items in one bag...well, socks maybe :0)
  7. Thanks all! I didn't think the stress would be worth it.
  8. Would you book any flight before noon at Heathrow (e.g., 11:15) if your Celebrity ship docked very early (6 am) on a weekday in Southampton? Celebrity Air doesn't offer this earlier flight. I think I know the answer but would appreciate any experience with this. Thanks!
  9. Booked onboard a cruise, without an assigned TA. Just think it's strange and not good for someone booking so early.
  10. Been booking Celebrity for over fifteen years. For the first time, now in a suite category, received this GTY stateroom assignment. Why is this done instead of allowing a specific stateroom selection. at booking, as I am used to? What is the reasoning? I have read that an assignment could be made by Celebrity at any time. By the way, this is for a 2021 cruise.
  11. Stick with Blu for dinner and breakfast. Have done AQ for years, and found the Blu on Edge was the best! For a different dinner location, opt for a specialty restaurant if you wish. We went to the Steakhouse (also very good).
  12. Yes you can. Recently was on the Edge. Was tempted by those 4 dining rooms but Blu was great, and additionally only ate in the Steakhouse. The dining options are one of the Edge's biggest pluses. I've been in AQ since 2011. Blu was always very good, but it was really exceptional this time around.
  13. Wondered if the non-Edge ships are still printing the daily "USA Times", crosswords and sudokus, etc. Missed them on the Edge. Apologize if I've missed this being previously answered.
  14. No-didn't use those areas. Forgot to look for a Relaxation Room. Boarding was a cinch--there was no waiting. Blu noise was limited and only once did we wait like 5 minutes. With all the dining options, including 4 options replacing the huge Main Dining Room, many guests took advantage of trying those and the specialty restaurants. So Blu was never packed to the gills.
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