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  1. THANK YOU so much Campolady ....that is exactly the kind of info what I was looking for. So now CANTAGENA . and PALMA MAJORCA . whos done HOPON buses here ?
  2. We are doing a TA Cruise from Miami to Spain/Portugal in a few weeks and I have been researching all our ports. We do have a couple small tours booked but I am challenged right now with a bad knee ( awaiting surgery after cruise) so although I can still walk fairly well....I just can't do it for too long of a period without a 10 minute rest etc, so am asking Has anyone had experience with the HOP ON HOP OFF buses in CADIZ, MALAGA. and CARTAGENA. ? I was thinking for me right now these may be the ideal solution....also if someone has done them to advise me which would be the best places to get off to explore if I could do only a couple stops in each city ? Thank you so much for any information you could share with me
  3. Trumpnor....did you see I just posted on our roll call about a small group tour from Naples- ....and the Amalfi Coast is one of the 3 areas we are exploring that day. The first vans have sold out but they have started to book another group of us from our ship. It sounds like a great deal - full day tour for 69 EUROS. IF this is something you are interested in...all the info is on their website at : www.ITALYTOURS.EU.
  4. Wondering if anyone has ever heard of or used what I THINK is a HOHO trolley train in Tarragona Spain- the website is not that good but the experience for the price sounds like it could be amazing. Just hoping anyone could shed some light on this tour
  5. I can't seem to edit my original post TITLE so am just saying : read my original post for an update on what happened to my little camera. !
  6. UPDATE. .......Just wanted everyone to know about my Christmas Miracle. Approx 5 weeks after I returned home I received a text from Carnival that my camera was found. I find it hard to believe after 4 turnovers on the ship...it was found there and can't help but think possibility someone did " accidentally" pick it up and returned home with it and then for some reason returned it to Carnival. Unfortunately I was not able to speak with any human being to ask questions or get answers....after items are found they are turned over to a company .....so no details just: Visa number please to have your item returned via FEDEX. and behold ! : 1and 1/2 days later my beautiful little camera with the memory card- in 100 percent perfect condition arrived at my door ! ..... That is from Miami to Eastern Canada in 1 1/2 days ......I was so impressed. Anyway just wanted everyone to know, I couldn't be more happy and THANK CARNIVAL and anyone else who may have been involved ......it certainly made my Christmas ! And a few lessons learned as suggested above....take several memory cards and use different ones each day, so if camera gets lost, at least the majority of your vacation pics are saved
  7. I remain optimistic but ....so saddened by the loss of over 1000 of my priceless shots. I do keep checking in with LostnFound dept .
  8. THANK YOU all for your kind words and great suggestions for next time. I am trying to remain hopeful and optimistic. Report has been filed but maybe I will give them a call too. Thanks again !
  9. JTB CRUISER- just noticed we were on the same cruise as you ...so I m reaching out to as many fellow passengers just in case someone knows something about my missing camera ( I just posted: REWARD OFFERED )
  10. After 3 1/2 weeks of being on vacation - 2 cruises and Disneyworld in between- I lose my camera 2 hours before debarking ship ! The last ship was the CARNIVAL SUNSHINE on the NOv 10 -18th......On the morning of the 18th, the camera was there in my room..... I then went to the JAVA SPOT, the LIDO BUFFET and the HAVANA BAR. At that point eating breakfast I noticed it wasnt with me. I take the camera ( with a wrist strap) everywhere I go- I m kinda a photo geek. I take hundreds and hundreds of pics and then later enjoy weeks of editing and printing them. So this loss has truly devastated me. Although it was a new black CANON ( basic point and shoot ) type- I can easily live without getting it back as I can eventually buy another one. But my photos are priceless and I will pay $$$ to get my camera card back IF anyone knows anyone who may have found the camera and accidentally taken it home. The staff were excellent in helping me look for it but there was no sign of it by the time I had to leave the ship. I have filled out the CARNIVAL's LOST and FOUND report form. Just hoping that someone may know someone who found it...............THANK YOU SO MUCH
  11. Sorry to those who are sick of my KETO DIET questions. As I am very happy and feel great on this diet- ( make that lifestyle) I will be continuing o follow this on my 2 upcoming cruises. So I admit I am not a wine connoisseur and certainly drink very little of them at home.....BUT when I m in the casino in the evenings ( on board ship) I LOVE having a few glasses( 3 or 4/evening) of white wine. SO I am asking does anyone know which type of white wine would have the less sugar ie less carbs so I can stay on my plan as much as possible. ie Does a Prosecco have more than a Chardonney......fortunately for me I enjoy them all so just hoping someone here might know the answer and that is what I ll drink. PS Being a KETO girl now I have to read every nutritional label before I try anything new...but somehow I just dont see the Carnival bar tender letting me read the label on the bottle LOL .... Picture that LOL Again thanks for any help you can give me ! Everyone here has always been so helpful to me !
  12. ??? no one have had any experience with this happening ? Thx so much
  13. No it was not an early saver....it was actually a premiere casino offer
  14. I know this is a question for my travel agent ( who I will call tomorrow) but they are closed this long weekend, so just wondering if anyone here might know the answer. We are scheduled to cruise on Oct 28th ( final payment already done) and have not purchased insurance. Suddenly an unexpected problem with hubby's small business and he absolutely cannot leave for this cruise. My son is willing to escort me on this cruise( ie replace my husband )......does anyone know how complicated and costly this is to replace my son for my husband ? THANKS so much in advance for any info you may have........
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