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  1. Pennbank

    Winchester to the Cruise Terminal?

    By Car depending on time of Day, about 25 minutes out of rush hour. There is also the Train service operated by South Western Railway. Journey time about 20 minutes from Southampton Central Railway Station. Frequency again depends on time travelling and if the Guards are on strike. Usually every 20 mins or so. https://www.southwesternrailway.com/
  2. Pennbank

    Queen Victoria Lego Idea

    I hope it's realised that the design of Queen Victoria has changed since originally built. She no longer has the tiered stern decks. She is now similar to Queen Elizabeth at the stern. (Image from Google search https://www.google.com/search?tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=i98QXK25O6eU1fAP9JqhoA0&q=Queen+Victoria+stern&oq=Queen+Victoria+stern&gs_l=img.3...34607.36794..36898...0.0..0.72.488.8......1....1..gws-wiz-img.bzFZuGJyi1A#imgrc=xcyksUsjOc0SkM:)
  3. Pennbank

    A bit ambiguous....Oceana

    If cruising before May 2019 and the cruise price is not going to alter after May 2019, then withdraw the tips now at the pursers desk and tip in cash. Why wait till May 2019. ? The staff still get your tip.
  4. I would imagine that prices from the bar menu will be charged see https://www.cruiseandmaritime.com/images/CMV_2018_BAR_MENU-P1_WHITE2.pdf
  5. The Ticket machines May read the EMV cards as it does with the magnetic strip after all the ferry service is new. Do you know for certain that they don't.
  6. Pennbank

    TIME ESTIMATES for Southampton Transfers

    Why not check Southampton Airport and see if any flights are flying the day of your arrival. https://www.flybe.com/web-app/index.html https://www.southamptonairport.com/book-flights-and-holidays/
  7. I Have used my Credit card on the machine, You have to put the Card into the machine . There was no contactless option.
  8. I don't Know. I would imagine. But You can just use a Credit Card on The Machine at the Dock as sometimes the machines do not accept Cash.
  9. Pennbank

    Cunard Pillows

    The QM2 Hotel Manager.
  10. Pennbank

    FCD & Booking Onboard

    Providing the fare is not a promotional one, or Late Saver and has not yet been booked. The fare is priced before any additional Credit your Travel agent may give you. However you have to say at the time of booking that you wish to use your future cruise deposit against your world club number. This what Cunard say about FCD https://ask.cunard.com/help/cunard/before-you-sail/FCD
  11. Probably easier just to use the machine
  12. Pennbank

    Drink prices Queen Victoria

    No 15% is added on presentation of your cruise card Yes charging for a splash started on completion of The Remastering of QM2 together with an increase charge for Spirits. They used to be served in 2 oz measures, but now they have 1 and 2 oz.
  13. Pennbank

    Drink prices Queen Victoria

    Depends if you also drink Soft drinks/Fruit juices and Coffees at the bar during the day or have a dash of lemonade in your beer as that is now charged at $1.75 plus 15% From what I understand you may be limited to 15 Alcoholic drinks in the package but unlimited soft drinks and coffees and small bottles of water. But this is being tried on QM2 at Present see https://ask.completecruisesolution.com/help/ext/cunard/life-on-board/drinks_package