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  1. Mike, Thank you so much for all the hard work and time you put in your reviews. They often inspire me to want to go somewhere new after reading yours. I feel like I understand and know what to expect on the Edge. We are going in March. We did not get infinity balcony due to cost. Your pictures show it in detail and it makes me feel like I have experienced it even though I won't.Thanks again and keep traveling
  2. Thank you for all the tips. I am getting excited for our trip in March. The ship looks amazing!
  3. Esprit, Enjoy your cruise. Please talk to your daughter and tell her to please incorporate some slots for ballroom and latin. It will not ruin cruise but will probably keep me from booking again. We are not booked until March. Please report back if you find anywhere to dance.
  4. I was wondering the same thing. I love to dance after eating and some ballroom dancing
  5. I for one am glad they extended the hours. I just got off the Jewel RCCl and loved the hours of 500=830 for three drinks on our card. It was nice to be able to have a glass of wine in the dining room. We had not cruised on RCCl for 21 years. ALSO when my husband went to get our drink the first night the three drinks were included. We do mostly celebrity cruises. In March on the Edge, we have the drink package as a perk. I have never bought the drink package, we just do not drink enough to justify it. The one thing I like better about Celebrity is the martini bar.
  6. Thank you for taking the time to go through all the pictures. I started the blog instead of picture albums and it is a nice way to help remember the trip.
  7. It had been 21 years since we had been on RCCL. We have primarily traveled on Celebrity since. This was our 26th cruise. It started off to a rocky start boarding due to a virus on the previous cruise. Understandably we want them to do their job and make sure safe for passengers. The main problem was communication. From when you checked in all we were told is that the rooms were not ready. People were sitting in halls and stairways. They could do a better job maybe telling you where to go and wait more comfortably. The could walk around and offer water. Would this taint my opinion of the cruise? No, we were very happy for the most part We found the food exceptional in the dining room and other seasoned passengers we commenting on how good it was. The two sea days we ate in the dining room for lunch was superb. One day we had lobster and shrimp and the other my husband said the salmon was some of the best he has ever had. We felt the meat and fish dishes were outstanding. Hats of to chief. To top this off we had two of our favorite waiters and assistant waiter. We had any time dining and found them the first night. We requested a table in their area every night after. We started cruising in 79 and they reminded me of some of the best services we back when service was everything. Another positive was our room Attendant; She remembered your name and was top Notch. We are diamond level and loved the lounge. It was nice to have longer open time to free drinks 5-830. I liked we could also get a glass of wine in the dining room before 830. We felt the layout of the ship and decor and upkeep was great on Jewel. We did not find the crew to generally be as happy and friendly as on Celebrity. We however as very lucky to get outstanding servers and stuck with them. We are dancers and found the bands and music venues good. They sure used the forum to the extreme. They could have used the lounge with bigger dance floor up in Safari more instead of cramming everyone in the forum. They did, however, use this area other times and would get maximum crowd involvement with activities. Sad to say on our last day they had a big glitch in Naples. We were supposed to be off at 0700 and ship was not even in port yet. Again communication was very poor. There were lines of people waiting to get off. The line wrapped around the hallway. All could have been avoided with communication in what was going on with delay. Staff was frazzled and had no idea what was going on. Unfortunately first and the last impression was very poor of how Staff handled common occurrences. My glass is always half full and I would cruise again with RCCL Here is my travel blog of the trip. Warning very picture intensive https://cindygad.travellerspoint.com/80/
  8. "I'm not good with blogs. I just don't get them really. I've tried reading others blogs and I get so confused as to how to navigate them or look for things. I did start a website with all of my reviews and ports, ships and so on. I just haven't finished it or published and hosted it yet. I keep taking all these darn vacations and can't never seem to get caught up. I gave a preview of it on one of my other reviews. If you are interested in checking out what I'm working on...here's a 3 minute video showing what I have been working on. I hope you have a wonderful cruise on the Jewel. We definitely enjoyed ourselves. I have never been to St John yet. I hear people talk about the wonderful snorkeling there. Some day I'll make it there. Thanks for the good luck from this nurse to you as a nurse. https://boards.cruisecritic.com/imag...moji-grin-1677" Love what you are working on. Makes looking at all your wonderful pictures easier. Thanks again for your time involved to share with us.
  9. Wow Kim thanks for your review and all your pictures. Have you ever thought of doing a travel blog. Your writing and pictures are amazing. You then can post a link on here and easier to see pictures. I do a blog instead of picture albums now for my travels. I am not the photographer you are though. Your detail is wonderful and makes you feel like you are there. We usually cruise once a year and it will be 21 years since we have been on RRCl. We will be on Jewel in October and I feel I know what to expect from your pictures. Have you ever been to St John? I love the snorkeling there from shore. Loved seeing the pictures of your daughter and her drawings are so skilled for her age. I admire your work ethic and from one Nurse to another good luck on finishing your degree.
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