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  1. Goodmorning, My husband and I was on the Marina. We are home and safe. We were treated by professional hard working staff. Kudos to them for keeping the ship so clean and passengers well. To my knowledge no one had the virus. We actually felt very safe and in a protected bubble on the ship. I was quite anxious to get off and enter back into the world. Life went on without any issues on the ship. They kept on serving us with a smile and had wide selection of food. I do not know how they did that with 8 extra days at sea! Total of 11 sea days before we got off. It was unsettling to be refused to enter ports. Going through the canal and to Miami was a wise choice. This was our first Oceania Cruise out of 32 cruises. This will not be our last. Pray for the crew for many can not go home as their ports are closed to entry We are self isolating even though we feel fine. Lets all work together to get through this and make our world stronger. All our best
  2. Thank you , I bought a card last year and still have some punches left.
  3. Is there still a punch coffee card you can buy for bistro?
  4. Mike you have my deepest condolences of your beloved wife Carol. I have been reading your reviews and enjoying your pictures for years. You have inspired me and my husband on taking more than one trip after reading your comprehensive reports. So happy you were able to continue to travel and share your trip with your son. We will be on our first Oceania cruise in Feb and on Marina. After your review I feel I know more what to expect. This is a great time to thank you for the detailed reviews and how much we appreciate the time and detail you put into them. Even without Carol you did a wonderful job. Last year when we finished our river cruise I had my knee replaced. I no longer could keep up with my husband. We walked alot but I had pain with each step. I hope you get relief. With all you have planned it would be hard to fit a replacement in. Enjoy the many memories you have with Carol. I hope to see you someday in person and thank you for your awesome reviews and pictures. Keep traveling!
  5. Mike, Thank you so much for all the hard work and time you put in your reviews. They often inspire me to want to go somewhere new after reading yours. I feel like I understand and know what to expect on the Edge. We are going in March. We did not get infinity balcony due to cost. Your pictures show it in detail and it makes me feel like I have experienced it even though I won't.Thanks again and keep traveling
  6. Thank you for all the tips. I am getting excited for our trip in March. The ship looks amazing!
  7. Esprit, Enjoy your cruise. Please talk to your daughter and tell her to please incorporate some slots for ballroom and latin. It will not ruin cruise but will probably keep me from booking again. We are not booked until March. Please report back if you find anywhere to dance.
  8. I was wondering the same thing. I love to dance after eating and some ballroom dancing
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