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  1. In Livorno we have booked an excursion which includes climbing the Leaning Tower of Pisa but my friend now has an injury which makes that part of the tour impossible. Will we be able to transfer to a different tour or get a refund and should we wait until we're on board before enquiring. We're on Discovery 2 in October.
  2. Has anyone done a helicopter trip in Barcelona independently. The trip on our cruise is sold out but we could book independently but how far is it from the port to the helipad and whats the best way to get there. Thank you.
  3. We are docking in Valencia in October on a Marella cruise and are thinking of using the hoho bus to get around. Does anyone know how far the bus stop is from the port and which number stop it is. Is it walkable from the ship to the bus stop and should we buy tickets before we go. Thanks.
  4. We are docking in Valencia in October and fancy the hoho bus. Is it doable to walk from the ship to the bus stop and do we need to buy tickets in advance or can we get them on the bus. Any ideas on what are must sees, I just like the touristy stuff really but enjoy architecture too. Valencia looks wonderful and I'd like to make the most of our day. Thanks
  5. Do Marella offer a shuttle bus from the port to the centre of Barcelona and Valencia and are there any tuk tuks at either port.
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