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  1. canadian-nurse

    Norwegian just cut short the March 3 PoA Cruise!!

    They changed day 3 (second day in Maui) and moved all of the other days forward. So nothing lined up anymore. It has been a big hassle for any tours/rental cars etc not booked with the ship.
  2. canadian-nurse

    Norwegian just cut short the March 3 PoA Cruise!!

    That makes sense! I don't know why they wouldn't just say that!! Thank you for your insight!!
  3. canadian-nurse

    Norwegian just cut short the March 3 PoA Cruise!!

    Of course not! But if it was that urgent, should it not be taken care of immediately? It seems strange that NCL was caught off guard by this.
  4. canadian-nurse

    Norwegian just cut short the March 3 PoA Cruise!!

    I spoke with them earlier and they are putting everyone up in the Hilton Hawaiian Village, so you will be good for the 9th.
  5. canadian-nurse

    Norwegian just cut short the March 3 PoA Cruise!!

    For those of you that want to see the exact wording: "Due to it's regulatory compliance requirements, Pride of America must undergo an unscheduled technical dry dock and the ship's March 3rd itinerary is being modified as a result. The necessary maintenance that will be conducted during this dry dock will in no way impact the safe operation of the vessel during your cruise. The cruise is changing from a 7 day to a 6 day voyage, and the ship will now call on Kahului, Maui on March 4th from 8am - 6pm instead of staying overnight as originally scheduled. " We have had port time cut short, itineraries changed due to hurricanes, mechanical failures etc, but we have never had our actual cruise cut short by a day. And the way they modified the itinerary means that we have to rebook/cancel/reschedule 5/7 days of the cruise. I'm sure they did that because Kauai is seen as a better port than Maui, but we would have much rather they worked it the other way and only have 1 day affected. I understand that there is a cruise contract, but this is 2/2 cruises with NCL that we have major issues. We are going to take our measly credit for that day and move on.
  6. canadian-nurse

    Norwegian just cut short the March 3 PoA Cruise!!

    We got the same thing. I don't understand how they can do this so late. They are literally inconveniencing thousands of people!! Dry docks are scheduled months in advance. I think there must be something that they are not telling us!!
  7. canadian-nurse

    POA Hawaii March 3rd NOW 6 nights

    I just received this too- and am furious. We are literally leaving in a few hours. Half of our party is already down there. So now I will be up all night trying to figure this out. We are done with Norwegian. This is the second bad experience for us.
  8. I just received a letter from NCL saying that our cruise from March 3-10 is being cut short by one day and the whole itinerary is messed up. I am furious. This is very last minute- half of our party is already on their way to Hawaii and we are leaving in the morning. All of our excursions, which are all with the ship, are messed up now. Every single one! They are putting us up in a Hilton hotel to make up for the night and are giving us a 25% future cruise credit. After this, we never want to sail with NCL again. This cruise was over $5600CDN for an inside cabin- that takes a long time to save. Has anyone else ever had this experience before?
  9. canadian-nurse

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    We were just upgraded!! Pride Of America March 3, 2018 From inside 13005 to balcony 10th floor. $105 each person X2= $210. Minimum bid was $100pp.
  10. canadian-nurse

    Breakaway Review 3/19-3/26 First Time on NCL

    Thanks so much for your review! We are going in May, and it was very helpful! We have been on HAL twice, Royal Caribbean's Oasis Class ships, Disney and Princess. We loved the HAL Koningsdam! It has all the niceness of HAL on a more modern, younger ship. It is definitely an older crowd, but there way more kids on it than when we were on the Veendam. And it has movies under the stars every night, great shows in the theatre (with a wrap around TV screen for very cool effects), and a killer pizza bar! Disney would also be a great choice for you, but it is expensive. The Oasis class ships are amazing too- skating rink, mini golf, flow rider, rock climbing wall, fun shows and a huge kids club. There is never a lack of things to do. But we have never gotten a free beverage package, so if that's important you may want to stick with NCL. Thanks again!!! :)
  11. canadian-nurse

    Aruba Bob no longer for cruise ship passengers

    Hi Everyone, I just thought that I should let everyone know that Aruba Bob snorkeling company will no longer accept cruise ship passengers. We had heard about Aruba Bob on Cruise Critic and were very excited to try their power snorkeling, but unfortunately they have decided not to take any cruise ship guests anymore. This is the response that I received from them... "Thank you for getting in contact with us. I am afraid we no longer offer tours for people coming to Aruba on a cruise. Unfortunately, some of the experiences we have had in the past with taking cruise ship people have made us have to do this. We would take a deposit of 50% and when people still would not show up they would start demanding their money back threatening us with bad reviews even when the fault was theirs. We are only a small company and can not afford to be treated like that. Please accept our sincere apology. We really have had some great experiences with our cruise customers in the past, but a few people have managed to ruin this for everyone else. If you ever come to Aruba and stay in a resort please let us know- we would love to take you snorkeling!" I guess we are on our own for snorkeling in Aruba! Have a great day everyone!
  12. canadian-nurse

    Deck 13 B1 Balcony Photos Norwegian Breakaway

    Oh man... those are the rooms that we have booked. Those balconies are not any bigger than what we had on the Oasis of the Seas. And it was half the price. They were boardwalk balconies, not aft balconies, but still... hopefully something on deck 9 or 12 will open up before our cruise! Thanks so much for all of the help!
  13. Hello! I am so sorry to bother everyone! I have been all over cruise critic and the Internet trying to find photos of a B1 balcony on deck 13 of the Breakaway. We have 3 aft balcony cabins booked just for the bigger balconies, and I don't want to let the group down when we arrive with a small balcony! Thanks so much for all of your help! :)
  14. canadian-nurse

    License Plates for sale?

    Thank you all so much for your help! It's very appreciated!!! :)
  15. canadian-nurse

    License Plates for sale?

    Thank you so much for your help! :)