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  1. If you own NCL stock you will get OBC on all of your NCL cruises. The amount depends on the length of the cruise. One our next cruise (16 day Panama Canal) we are getting $250 OBC.
  2. We always do the math. Our last two cruises with NCL (7 day Caribbean Nov 2018 and 19 day Panama Canal Jan 2019) we did inside sail away because we are always looking to cruise for about $100 per person per day. We are platinum so we get some specialty dinning, laundry and internet anyway. I just talked my wife into another Panama Canal cruise (16 day) next month because with the free air and prepaid gratuities promotion (things we would have to pay out of pocket for) we are sailing for $104 per person per day in a Balcony! On top of this great rate we also get a 5 meal dining package, drinks package, 250 minutes of internet and $100 OBC. Because we have sailed so much to so many places we now choose our cruises based on the deal more than the destination or ship. When I have the drink package I drink. When I don't have the package I bring some wine on board (pay extra for corkage) and maybe buy a bottle or two on board. No drink package means we will go to the Latitudes party and use our platinum benefits that include 2 bottles of wine per cruise (one in our cabin and one at Cagney's). Set your budget, get out your calculator and do the math. Above all, have a great trip! Peace, Doug
  3. I have never booked cruise line air fare before in over 30 years of cruising. We recently booked the promotional free air, cuz, well it was free! We sail from LA and debark in Miami. We are 33 days from sailing. I have my cruise docs with flight plan but not flight times or numbers. Because my cruise docs indicate we will be flying Chicago => Salt Lake City => LAX I have figured out that we will be flying Delta leaving Chicago at 6:00 am and arriving LAX at 10:00 am or noon depending on what connecting flight we are given. My question is, how will NCL inform us of our actual flight number and times along with a record locator? We are 33 days out. I am not concerned but would like a definitive answer to how NCL communicates the details and when they should be expected. Thanks!!
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