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  1. As are all other "serial cruisers", we are watching this cruise closely. We normally take 2-3 cruises each year and the rest of our cruises for 2020 were, obviously, cancelled. We opted for refunds. We only have 1 cruise scheduled for 2021 (November) so we're hoping things look much different for cruises by then, but we have decided to back off cruises indefinitely. While we respect and understand the need for strict protocols, this kind of vacation just isn't appealing to us at all especially with the excursions (we have never liked group excursions but that is just our personal preference).
  2. Nothing about the itinerary suggests multiple stops for the boarding of new passengers/disembarkation of passengers for this cruise, and this would not meet the current standards under which cruise ships can sail. While this cruise is visiting ports, excursions are tightly controlled (it's basically on/off fairly quickly). There are no excursions allowing passengers to get off the ship and roam freely, nor any excursions taking passengers into the closest city to drop off and freely move about. The countries allowing ports of call have specifically mandated no passengers are allowed to roam fr
  3. We, too, purchased $$ credits for future cruises on NCL. At the same time, we also purchased 10 deposits for future cruises. It was a lot of money but being dedicated to NCL for many years we knew we would use these benefits. We have 4 deposits and $1,000 credit $$ remaining which expire this year. We were booking a TA on Epic for Nov 2021 and wanted to use the remaining benefits. Bottom line: both of these benefits (that we paid for) are now worthless. Our NCL cruise consultant told us she would have to submit an approval for us to use the credit $$ and the remaining deposits for the cruise;
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