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  1. Medoc is an Canadian insurance company ? I'm also a retired federal public servant with Sunlife but I cannot go to my cruise because I received mix vaccines.
  2. Im also in the same situation, I received two different vaccines and there 0 chances that I'll go on a cruise bieng treated as unvacinnated. Its all or nothing for us.
  3. I feel exactly the same after one Aztra ans one Pfizer. We gave been totally screwed ! No other words should ne used !!
  4. I received a mix vaccines and I'll have to cancel. I'm not going and to be considered unvaccinated. No way !
  5. Base on the conversation I had with Manulife,it is impossible to buy a travel insurance for a cruise from a Canadian company. I would like to know more about it....
  6. Article from this existing dilemma: https://www.ctvnews.ca/health/coronavirus/some-cruise-lines-not-accepting-passengers-with-mixed-covid-19-vaccinations-1.5514985
  7. RC removed today this policy on mix vaccines. Interesting....
  8. The American government will do an announcement in the coming days for Canadians planning to cross the border. Stay tuned ! 👍 You can expect the same measures as what I've been announced by our government.
  9. I so tired to have to battle with these regulations that I will cancel my upcoming cruise and wait for mid 2022. I will do an all inclusive instead this fall. A lot easier to manage ! 🤨🤨🤨
  10. I just called Celebrity and they confirmed that mixing Aztra and other vaccines are no nore accepted. I'm done ! 😔😔😔
  11. This is really not a funny situation. Hopefully things will be clarified this week. But what I doesn't understand is why the cruise companies are posted something that is not final !!
  12. I'm with Celebrity sailing Oct 21, and I have shots of Aztra and Pzifer, like many many Canadians.
  13. So leaving Florida with on e Aztra and one Pfizer seems to be acceptable ?
  14. Celebrity is also offering the test. I wouldn't want to go in a pharmacy to get tested. Too complicated.
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