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  1. So, security won't give me a hard time about them?
  2. Okay, I bought a q 15 foot 16 guage/13amp extension cord and an adapter, should I pack it in my carry on or checked luggage?
  3. To use the calling part of the app, do my wife and I have to have two separate NCL accounts or can we both log into the account I created when I booked the cruise?
  4. I will be sailing with NCL and have been told by their Special Needs department and they said it is okay.
  5. I'm glad to hear they allow it because I think I will need it to tape down an extension cord.
  6. I am in an aft facing cabin where the door is on the side, the beds are at a 45 degree angle from the door, bathroom, closets...
  7. If I want to use the international plug, do I need a converter or adapter?
  8. I guess I should be more clear, sorry. Will they let you use an adapter that you can plug into one outlet that makes three outlets.
  9. So ther is ONE outlet in the cabin area? Wow. I have seen so many inside cabin floor plans so I don't have a clue how ours will be set up. Do you know if you can use adapters that turn one outlet into two or three? (no surge protection). Are they grounded plugs (three pin)?
  10. Just curios, when do we do the slot pull? Right after, during? Do we need the correct amount? Just curious. Wrong thread, sorry!
  11. Are there outlets by the bed in an inside cabin? My wife uses a CPAP and I use a mobility scooter, just wodering about outlets. I have been told by Customer Service that there are but they can't always be trusted. I was also told I can bring extension cords on board. True? I just don't want to make a fall hazard. Any info will be appreciated!
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