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  1. We have permanently switched ourselves to select dining and never had a problem getting a table for two. We recently returned from a Silhouette cruise. After the first night, we found a section of the dining room we enjoyed (quiet) and a waiter who was wonderful. We requested that waiter's section every night and never had a problem being seated there.
  2. Fantastic photos and review! Now I have one more cruise to add to the bucket list. Thank you for sharing. Sheila
  3. We did a tour just last week with Levi and I can't say enough positive things about him and Bumpiing Tours. I am not a good swimmer, but my DH was interested in the snorkeling/Titou Gorge/Trafalger Falls tour so we went. I chose to sit on the very rocky beach while the others snorkeled, but Levi "encouraged" me to swim through Titou Gorge. By "encourage" I mean he literally guided/pulled me through while I clung to a life preserver. Glad I did because it was beautiful. He could not have been nicer and everyone on our tour had a great time. With regard to food, we brought a couple of snack bars from home and ate those. Six hours was the longest we had to go during the day without a meal for the entire week of the cruise, but we managed to survive :rolleyes:. Sheila
  4. We have been to Bermuda many times and are going again in June. I would definitely recommend skipping Snorkel Park (it's not very nice) and heading to any of the beaches others have mentioned. Jobson's Cove is one of our favorites. There are no facilities, but it is very picturesque. Sheila
  5. I'm a real chicken when it comes to snorkeling. But I've been able to see fish in Tobacco Bay while standing in water near the rocks! Sheila
  6. I, too, was on this Equinox sailing and second everything that has been said about all the hard work the crew was doing and how much it was appreciated. Nevertheless, we were fortunate that this noro outbreak didn't happen until a week into the cruise because all the necessary precautions definitely take away from the total cruise experience. The constant presense of staff squirting hand sanitizer, slowdowns in the dining areas, and items removed from cabins would certainly discourage new cruisers, especially. This is at least the second Celebrity cruise I've been on to experience a noro outbreak and I much prefer the ones without one. I'm no epidemiologist, but I would guess that folks (passengers or crew) not washing hands after using the bathroom would be a likely source. Why anyone would be so thoughtless is beyond me. Is it possible that some people aren't aware how easily germs are spread when they don't wash after toiletting?
  7. Great news! I would hate to be turkey deprived. Sheila
  8. We are going to be on board the Infinity this coming Thanksgiving and were wondering whether there are any special festivities or food (turkey!) that day? Thanks. Sheila
  9. We've cruised with friends many times and it has never been a problem. Plans for tours together have usually been made in advance or we will agree on something at dinner the night before. If everyone wants to go their separate ways during the day, then we just agree to meet up for drinks or dinner. If anything urgent comes up, we leave a telephone message (never had to use sticky notes). The hardest part, I think, is getting use to the fact that our cell phones won't work :D! Sheila
  10. Fabulous list, Steve :D! It may work for an ocean cruise, but I just might have to cut out a few things for the upcoming Danube River cruise ;). Sheila
  11. We have been to Bermuda a number of times and find the best way to "tour" the island is to get a transit pass. It includes unlimited travel on the buses and ferries, all of which are prompt, clean, and safe. The thread Wine-O posted has some great suggestions of where to visit, depending on your interests. Bermuda is beautiful - you can't go wrong. Sheila
  12. How select dining works seems to depend on the individual ship. We were with a group of six on the Summit in December. We made reservations for all of us each morning for the time we wished (not 7-7:30) and after the first night requested the same table with the same staff each night. There were separate lines for those with and without reservations. We never had to wait. "Our" table was always waiting for us. Sheila
  13. Cruisenlove, congratulations on your upcoming marriage! My understanding is that if you want to volunteer for the Love and Marriage game, you should go to the venue where it's being held very early. Don't know how they actually make their selections since we are content to watch and enjoy the game. Besides, I think my husband and I would be really terrible at even though we've been married 44 years :rolleyes:. Sheila
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