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  1. After 18 cruises since 2010 on Carnival we still enjoy the Carnival experience, but it's grown a little stale and my wife and I are looking for a change of scenery for our Decembrr voyage. We're considering a 7-day Western Caribbean on the Enchanted. One aspect of Carnival we like is the flexibility of their dress code, especially on their "fancier" evenings. I can meet at least the minimum of the elgant night dress code with a pair of khakis, button down shirt and (sometimes) a tie; seldom any jacket or blazer. Some passengers are dressed better, like they're directly out of central casting for the latest James Bond movie, others, not so much. So I know the reality compared the the official published dress code. That brings me to Princess. I can read the published dress code (dark suit, tux), but those of you that sail Princess, what's the "real deal" compared to the published code? Percentage of passengers in tuxes or suits? What's the minimum acceptable you've seen? Again, I don't need anyone to paste the published code; I have it. I also don't want to hear "eat at the buffet if you don't want to dress up." Not gonna happen. If I absolutely,,positively have to dress up, fine. But since I refuse to pay the airline extortion, err, excess bag fees, the fancy clothes will be the first to go if not absolutely needed. CB
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