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  1. NovCruisin

    What is your favorite cruise "hack"?

    Who said anything about sitting on toilets spreading Norovirus? ๐Ÿ˜• You're conflating two separate statements. Just because germs are everything (thank you Captain Obvious) doesn't mean you can't attempt to minimize your exposure; e.g. washing your hands, using paper seat covers on public toilets, using paper towels on sink knobs and to open doors.
  2. NovCruisin

    What is your favorite cruise "hack"?

    Why does it not surprise me that you are the type of person who actually SITS on a public toilet ๐Ÿ˜’ they have sanitary seat covers in most public restrooms for a reason, if they don't, as someone else mentioned, you hover. Some people are just so nasty...no wonder there was a recent outbreak where several hundred people got Norovirus on RCL Oasis of the Seas.
  3. NovCruisin

    What is your favorite cruise "hack"?

    Gross and Gross!! Self serving food that is not meant to have your nasty hands in it and shaving your legs in a public shower...What is wrong with people! I once saw (on Carnival) someone drop a serving spoon on the ground in the lido, pick it up and stick it back in the serving dish...I obviously immediately flagged down staff who took the whole tray and discarded it. Can we not all just be civilized adults...๐Ÿคฎ
  4. NovCruisin

    Keeping Items Secure At The Beach

    $80! ๐Ÿฅบ We usually use a small TSA lock and lock the zipper of our backpack and bring a bike lock (the rubber rope like kind) to lock the bag to the chair. It has always worked great and we can utilize stuff we already own as opposed to buying something new!
  5. NovCruisin

    Dolphin Swim

    This doesn't help on this cruise, I was not able to locate any tour operators on a quick Google search. Perhaps you could table that 'bucket list' item for a future cruise to the Bahamas? My Google search came across UNEXSO in Freeport that apparently offers open ocean dolphin swims. I can't speak to this company at all, I haven't used them and only came across their information while searching online but thought maybe it'd be helpful to you.
  6. I know Carnival allows you to bring a 12 pk of up to 12 oz cans/cartons per person, my question is do they have to be in 12 pks? The beverage I want to bring only comes in 8 pks; could me and my partner bring 3 - 8 pks for a total of 24 cans? Or does it have to be 2 - 12 pks for a total of 24 cans?
  7. NovCruisin

    Dolphin Swim

    Probably none that can guarantee it, since the dolphins would be free to come and go. We did an open water dolphin boat tour in New Zealand but ultimately didn't get to swim with them because we could not find the right type of pod (there are protected species, sizes, etc. that you can and cannot swim with). We did end up finding seals that we got to hop in with and that was still a treat!
  8. NovCruisin

    Dolphin Swim

    Please pick tours that only allow the dolphins to be in open water and come to you - not trapped in 'cages'! Maybe do the stingray tour in GC since they are open ocean tours and the stingrays come to you VOLUNTARILY?
  9. NovCruisin

    vista jan 19 no ftf?

    I would GUESS tallnthensome is likely on the right path in his response. I am on the sailing before yours (1/13) and I believe that cruise is sold out. So likely the 1/19 sailing is at capacity already for the perks associated with FTTF.
  10. NovCruisin

    (new) question on drinks for gambling

    Gotcha! Thanks so much for the quick reply!
  11. Has anyone ever put all their money up front on a table to qualify immediately for comped drinks knowing that you might not necessarily use all that money? For example: Say I get $2k in chips at roulette on day 1, that should qualify me for free drinks, but during that day I only gamble say $200 and take the other $1,800 in chips with me to use throughout the rest of the cruise. Would that work?
  12. NovCruisin

    Carnival Vista Review

    Who said anything about someone getting their kicks at others not receiving perks? This is a benefit to the cruiser from the cruise line for their loyalty. Just like if I use a reward card to rack up Starbucks purchases and after the 9th drink, the 10th is free. That's a perk because of loyalty...not so I can sidestep others who have to pay for their coffee. If you feel so slighted by cruise line perks, you can take a vacation somewhere else. No one forces you to cruise. I have a feeling you are not getting this concept, so I'll leave it at that.
  13. NovCruisin

    Carnival Vista Review

    You do realize that the OP became Platinum from cruising frequently with Carnival ๐Ÿคจ You too can have these same 'perks' by sailing on Carnival and racking up points. The jealous tone of your post is really not warranted towards the OP. BTW - I say this as a person who also cruises various lines and so I am only Red in Carnival's loyalty program and get virtually no perks (I think I get like 1 free bottle of water...that's it).
  14. NovCruisin

    Rain Rain Go Away :(

    The saying "life is what you make of it" is apropos. My husband and I took a cruise that went to the Bahamas and it was raining, it was the first and only time we've ever been to the Bahamas. Instead of letting it get us down, we strapped on our vibram shoes (water shoes basically), threw on rain parkas and took the local bus to a hotel beach and bought a day pass. All the while it was raining and we we're virtually alone on the beach. We had great fun and the rain ended up clearing up. Once it cleared up more and more people showed up but due to the travel time it took them because they waited for the rain to clear first, we had what felt like a private beach almost all day. That was in 2013 (approx) and it is one of our fondest memories. Don't fret, have a blast! It's always better than sitting at home/work!! ๐Ÿ˜