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  1. BRN3C2AF438F03D_030477.pdf BRN3C2AF438F03D_030485.pdf BRN3C2AF438F03D_030431.pdf
  2. Thanks to everyone who provided helpful responses!
  3. Can I break large bills (USD) onboard?
  4. I actually don't have a dog because I think it's cruel to chain them up all day while I work. Soooo...yeah...🙄 Just because bored Dolphins may find companionship with the other captive Dolphins and pass time by playing doesn't mean it's not still wrong to keep the captive in the first place. That's a poor argument you have there... I don't know about you but I definitely wouldn't want someone to lock me in a cage and tell me when and what to do and when to do it...we have something like that for humans, it's called prison and it's a form of punishment! 🤣 But 'sure' tell yourself the animals like being prisoners so you don't have to feel bad.
  5. I agree. Doing a true open ocean dolphin swim would be a better way to go. I don't believe any tours offer this in Cozumel. If this is a bucket list item, may I suggest you try to find a vacation destination that offers this. We did one in New Zealand (although it turned into a seal swim because we couldn't find a pod that we were allowed to swim with; there are restrictions for age, species, etc.) If someone posted on a forum they were looking for advice on how to rob a bank, you wouldn't expect people to make suggestions...you would expect people to try and dissuade them from doing it in the first place because of **insert appropriate reason**. For the OP, the reason being the animals are held against their will and tortured for human amusement. For robbing a bank, obviously that's illegal 😉
  6. WONDERFUL!! Thanks for reporting 🙂 We heard pretty much all the beaches in Costa Maya have "bad" seaweed. We debated going to Bacalar (lagoon) but decided against it due to how long it takes to drive there (btw 60-90 mins one way)
  7. Yay! This is very exciting to hear! Thank you for reporting back on your experience! We will keep our fingers crossed 🤞
  8. I went ahead and booked it; worst case we can hang out at the hot tub/pool area 😄 I will try to remember to come back and report after our trip!
  9. Does anyone have a recent update on the seaweed? Our cruise stops in Cozumel next month (last weekend in May) and I'm debating going to Nachi (I've been twice before) but the last visit was a few years ago and I know all of Mexico has been plagued by seaweed in recent years. Honestly seaweed, especially if they don't clean it for several hours, would ruin my experience.
  10. Just make sure that if anything goes wrong, you never come back and report it! You'll suddenly become a stuck up 'B' who thinks she is better than everyone while at the same time so cheap she is just looking to get something for free! 🤣 All joking aside, I do wish you well and hope you have a nice cruise.
  11. Haha 🤣 On a serious note though, did you actually SEE this hole where the dolphins can come and go? Did you see any dolphins leaving and then coming back? Or was this what the operater told everyone? Would you mind sharing the name of this company? If the dolphins are in fact free to come and go as they please, I think this would be a great suggestion to anyone looking to do such a tour. I hope that this is accurate because I think we can all strive to treat these creators with the respect they deserve and in doing so we can have amazing, natural experiences with them built by trust and admiration for each other!
  12. Sorry, perhaps guessing was the wrong word. I was just trying to say (apparently incorrectly 😋) that they may be able to check once onboard and get a definitive answer prior to hopping into any pool/hot tub.
  13. I am glad you had a nice vacation 👍 just because I had some hiccups I wouldn't want anyone else to not enjoy their trip! That stinks about the shuttle issue; we parked across the street at the Park N Cruise, it was a nice and easy walk across the street from the ship.
  14. Well, I'll jump on the bandwagon and hijack for my ship haha What about the Enchantment?
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