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  1. Based on the info in the cruise planner, cabanas are rented by the day and the hours are 9 am-6pm. Weirdly, it's listed under "Dining". It's $300/day for up to 4 adults. They also have a "split" cabana for up to 2 adults for $150, but they don't explain what that means. Maybe you are sharing with another twosome??? Per the website, here is what is included: What’s Included: Four Large Bottles of Evian Water Selection of Six Chilled Beers Unlimited Soft Drinks Fresh Fruit Skewers Cabana Food Menu Evian Facial Spray Ice Cold Towels Choice of one of
  2. That's a great price! To put things in perspective, we booked the April 12 cruise 3 weeks ago (about 60 days out from the cruise) and the guarantee balcony for two was approx. $2200 with taxes (no perks). Since we paid in full at time of booking, they won't refund the difference, but they did give us a free upgrade to Aqua Class, so we're happy. 😃
  3. I saw dailies posted for that itinerary in the Live Trip Report - Edge 2/16-2/23, and the whole report is a good read.
  4. Ship: Sky Princess Class: Royal Deck: Emerald Cabin #: E725 Category: Mini-Suite (ME) Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Starboard, 2nd from aft Connects With Cabin #: None Accessible: No Quiet: No – see comments below Balcony Size: Standard (which means small) View: Normal Privacy Issues: Yes – see comments below Wind: No Soot: No Problems: See comments below. I would not recommend this cabin. Comments: HATED the location of this cabin. We did a B2B of the two 3-day mini-cruise on the Sk
  5. Ship: Sky Princess Class: Royal Deck: Lido (16) Cabin #: L101 Category: Obstructed Deluxe Balcony (DW) Port/Starboard/Bow/Stern: Bow Connects With Cabin #: None Accessible: No Quiet: Extremely Quiet Balcony Size: Oversized View: Normal, except metal, not glass railing Privacy Issues: None Wind: No, but see below Soot: No Problems: Cabin Door sometimes did not close tight, unless given an extra push - surprising on a new ship, but we were only on the Dec 1st 3-day mini-cruise and forgot to
  6. Actually I designed my own peanuts character at peanutizeme 😁🥜
  7. I agree that’s no excuse, and they need to improve their process so they have consistency. That’s going on my feedback form!
  8. We tried the margherita pizza a few days ago and it was much better than the pepperoni we had today. I think it’s the pepperoni that was causing it to be especially greasy. Also, they were very very busy today and I think the high volume resulted in a decline in quality. They also need to use pagers when the line is long, because it gets bottlenecked on Deck 7 outside the restaurant.
  9. No, but in one section of the buffet, they had pre-made fruit/ berry smoothies and veggie smoothies. Different flavor each day. Tried the fruit smoothie- heavy on banana - but I didn’t think the veggie smoothies looked very appetizing.
  10. I know everyone in this cruise has been to the muster drill already, but for future cruisers here are the muster station locations on the Sky.
  11. I’m on the Sky Princess now. They had several NFL games playing on Sunday and they had Monday night football on MUTS. FYI there’s a be Live From Sky 12/4 thread started. . So additional photos/commentary/ questions can be answered there.
  12. Regarding dining options, have they offered Pub Lunch during your cruise? Or has that also disappeared like the Royal Tea?
  13. We will also be on the Sky Dec 1-7, and I noticed that the Medallion App is showing a "Late Night Dance Party with DJ Mateo" in the Vista Lounge on most nights.
  14. Thanks for the clarification. No matter which way you look at it, Dec 1 is going to be a very busy day at Port Everglades! 🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️🛳️⛴️
  15. When I look at the Port Everglades ship schedule, I'm only seeing 8 cruise ships, not 9, on Dec 1, with Sky and Regal both showing T2, as mentioned. But there's no ship currently scheduled for T21, so one of the ships will end up there. So the question is: 1) will the passengers on the Regal be inconvenienced by departing from T2 on Nov 24 and returning to T21 on Dec 1, 2) will the Sky Princess passengers be inconvenienced by departing from T21 on Dec 1 and returning to T2 on Dec 4, 3) Or, as someone on one of the Sky roll calls suggested, because of the Sky's lat
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