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  1. Can I find this on the Freedom? I loved them when we were on the Allure.
  2. Was your check-in time noon? Are you in a suite? We on Freedom on 7/19 and the earliest check-in on the app was 1:00...just curious, we were thinking of getting there at 12:30. TIA
  3. We are booked on Freedom sailing July 19th. We booked it back on June 4th.
  4. I got a Royal Up email for our July19th Freedom sailing...I've never done this before...Do you bid on different levels or just pick one? I only put a bid in on the Grand Suite, but should I go back and do a jr suite bid as well? TIA
  5. We had a cruise scheduled for June 2020...cancelled, rebooked for June 2021...cancelled. Yesterday, just for fun we decided to book one for July 25th. My TA thinks I'm crazy, but if it happens we will be so excited and if it doesn't happen...that's okay as well. Anyone else booking with the hopes of end of July sailings?
  6. nope...just my husband and 2 kids...haven't gotten an email about the kids fare's yet...
  7. I just received an email with our FCC amount and it is incorrect...If my booking rate was $2753 (not including taxes, port charges, or gratuities and after all discounts), shouldn't my FCC be $3441.25? My certificate is for $2163. Has anyone had this happen to them? How did you get it fixed? Thanks!
  8. We are cruising out of Galeveston on June 12th. Cruises were cancelled up until the day before we leave, so we have not gotten cancelled yet. Is anyone is else going on a cruise then? It's only 25 days out...how close to sail date would they cancel? We fully expected for it to be cancelled by Friday last week. Anybody heard anything? TIA
  9. I do all my research online and even know what cabin I want, then I go to my TA and book it with her.
  10. thank you! I am hoping this happens so we can make it our flight on time 🙂
  11. Hi All! We will be on the Enchantment OTS next celebrating our 25th anniversary as well as graduation for our twins. I have book a 2 bedroom suite (it's a surprise for the kids, they think they are in an interior room). I just had a question about getting off the ship when we return. We have never been in a suite before...are there any perks for this? TIA Also, any tips or great perks of having a suite?
  12. We have also traveled with our twins (now 21) and ever since they were 12, we get 2 rooms. We have never had adjoining, but directly across the hall and side by side (just not connecting). We have said that we will never travel in 1 room when we bring them.. The 2nd bathroom and just the double space makes it well worth the cost of 2 rooms....but shhhhhh this is a secret....we are cruising next summer to celebrate their college graduation and we booked a 2 bedroom suite! The kids think we again have 2 rooms across from each other, but dh and I booked so early that we were able to get a 2 bedroom suite...2 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms, and all the suite benefits.
  13. We always know where we want to be...balcony, near the the elevator. I always research before I email the travel agent, so she know exactly what I am looking for. We have already booked our June 2020 cruise. We booked within a couple days of the cruise being released because we wanted a 2 bedroom suite and there are not many of those. I was able to tell the TA which cabin we wanted.
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