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  1. Ace5614

    ATD on the Horizon

    Thanks BrianasMom
  2. Ace5614

    ATD on the Horizon

    Thanks for the replies. When we were on the Vista in September, the rear dinning room was for YTD. First time it wasn't in the smaller dinning room.
  3. Ace5614

    ATD on the Horizon

    Would someone tell me what dinning room Carnival uses for ATD on the Horizon?
  4. Ace5614

    Ship not full?

    I believe for those passengers that book a guarantee, those rooms aren't assigned until about 30 days before the sailing. So a lot of those rooms will disappear at that point.
  5. Ace5614

    Horizon embarkation time delayed?

    I have received this email 2 or maybe 3 times and ship left on or near on time. Did not receive it on our September cruise however. I would show up at your normal time (if it were me.)
  6. Ace5614

    Miami parking

    I also hate paying $22 a day and swore that I would never pay that much just to park my car. But I don't trust anyone else in Miami to use so I just suck it up and pay up.
  7. We are platinum and sailed out of Miami on the Vista in September. We were in line at 9:15 with only about 15 people ahead of us. They opened the doors at 10:00 and started boarding at 11:30. Since the Horizon took the place of the Vista in Miami, times should be close. We are sailing on the Horizon in January and plan on getting there at 9:00 like we did on the Vista. Have fun!
  8. Ace5614

    vista assigned dining room

    When you state priority passengers, are you referring to Diamond & Platinum?
  9. Ace5614

    Vista Questions

    If you want to set by yourself s at a 2 top table, which desk would be the best to request?
  10. We just go back from our Sunshine cruise and have been on the Paradise. I was much more impressed with the Sunshine than I thought I would be. Service was great! We have anytime dinning and had to wait 1/2 hour on formal night to be seated. We expected to wait at least that long so no problem. But we were comped 2 free drinks because we had to wait. By the time we were seated, we were in and out in 1 hour! I believe that was the quickest in 15 cruises. Lobster was excellent just like it used to be. Buffet food was the best we have ever had. Selection was good and food was hot. We didn't experience long lines as some have posted here. We did get to the show lounge and comedy club half hour early. At the platinum/diamond party, you could have any drink you wanted. We had 2 drinks each and could of had more. Excellent service there also. There were 4 diamond and 424 platinum cruisers.
  11. Ace5614

    Anyone stay in a Porthole cabin?

    We only book these cabins as they are a great deal. Others are correct that the view is not as good as an outside but pay a lot less. I believe you have crew cabins below you and passenger cabins above you so they are quiet. We have never experienced loud noises on ours but we are early risers. Good luck!
  12. OP is sailing out on 2-12-17 so it wasn't a charter being that close to sailing.
  13. Yes, all the ships that we've been on when we went to the buffet on the first night, there was always sweet and sour shrimp!
  14. Ace5614

    Member e-newsletter

    It would still be nice to get this!