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  1. For both the Vista & Horizon, they opened the doors about 10:00 AM. Boarding began about 11:15. Have a great cruise.
  2. Will be boarding the Nieuw Statendam on Sunday and my better half has mobility issues. Is there a place on the ship that we can go to after watching the film on the TV so she doesn't have to stand for the life jacket instructions? Thanks.
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    Thanks Aquahound
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    We are old school.....don't have data on our phones.
  5. How about on decks 6 & 7 (below the bridge), 9 & 10 (above the bridge)?
  6. I always heard it meant to insure prompt service.
  7. Very interested to see what happens. We usually sail Carnival and I always receive an email prior to boarding to state not to show up at scheduled time that there will be a delay in boarding. Never happens!!!
  8. Will be on this ship on January 5th and looking forward to your review. What is assigned-by-deck boarding process? Haven't received anything from Holland regarding this.
  9. We ended up booking with Jayleen. Couldn't get the time we wanted (she already had one boat full and the other had 4 seats left but the two that had already booked wanted a later time.) She was very prompt with her return phone calls and emails and sounds very pleasant. Looking forward to meeting her and spending the afternoon and evening with her. Thanks to everyone that helped us make a decision.
  10. Is there a self serve drink station on the Lido deck on the Nieuw Statendam? What drinks are available?
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    Will be on the Nieuw Statendam at Key West with one other ship I believe so not sure where we dock. Need to get WiFi and it doesn't have to be free. Just a good connection. Can anyone help me?
  12. Does the Nieuw Statendam have the 'secret doors' in the front like the Carnival ships have?
  13. Where is the diamond international at Amber Cove?
  14. Where do you go to but the beer to get the password?
  15. Looks good but I can't find out what times the boats leave. We don't get into port until 1:00 PM.
  16. Italy52 - Do you know the size of their boats?
  17. Have been sailing Carnival for a long time and getting ready for our first Holland cruise. What can we expect and what should we not miss? Will be sailing on the Nieuw Statendam.
  18. Where can I get WiFi at Grand Turk & Amber Cove? Doesn't matter if it's free or not.
  19. Will need to book at campsite for a west trip while we are at Amber Cove. Need reliable WIFI. Doesn't have to be free. Also need it at Grand Turk.
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    Need to book a campsite for a west trip while we will be on Grand Turk in January. Will need reliable WIFI. Doesn't have to be free. What recommendations do you have? Will also need it at Amber Cove.
  21. Oakman58 - This is the main reason I want a small boat. I have heard that the viewing is not great on a larger one. Don't really care about hot food....get enough of that on the ship. Only going to be on the boat about 2 hours. Just want to be able to view the whales as good as possible. The boat doesn't have to be for 8-10. I would like 25-50. Unless some of you think that's to big. Just don't want 100-150 people.
  22. Will be on a Holland cruise next summer and want to book a whale excursion. Have looked at Holland's and Alaska Shore Excursions. Open to others. We don't want a large boat and want to hear from anyone that has taken one and who you used. Is it better to book in advance or just walk off the ship and book something? Any advise would be helpful.
  23. Thanks for everyone for the info. Just what I was looking for.
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