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  1. Derek & Elizabeth I am so sorry I missed replying to your message. My connection to the internet was hit & miss for awhile and then my phone had some issues. Then posting the meet & mingle info just got away from me. I sincerely apologize. Hope you are enjoying the cruise. Connie
  2. With respect to the excursions, DH and I enjoy ever excursion - some more than others.. In all our cruising experiences over the past 13 years we have paid a lot of money for excursions that were not better nor as good as excursions provided by Viking - both included and optional. In Bora Bora the included excursion was an island tour by small boat that was wonderful. Yesterday in Wellington, NZ we took an optional tour to Zealandia Eco Reserve, it was worth every penny we paid. I think Viking does a great job, but you cannot please everyone - Viking tries. Some cruise lines not so much. Connie
  3. The charges for visits to the Medical Clinic are very reasonable and covered by the trip insurance [which may mean secondary to your own medical coverage], if you have it. You have to file for reimbursement when you get home. Hours for passenger visits to the Medical Clinic are listed in the Daily and are usually one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon. It is usually first in first out. Some wait time so be prepared. Medical Clinic doctors and nurses are very caring. Do not hesitate to go to the Medical Clinic if you become ill. Medical emergencies are handled anytime.
  4. Meet & Mingle # 3 on Friday 2/15/2019 at 5:30 PM in the Wintergarden.
  5. Oh I forgot to add the name tags were only used for the Meet & Mingles.
  6. On another topic. In an earlier post someone mentioned they heard WCers got name tags. The only name tags anyone got on board were ones I made for those on the roll call that chose to be in the album. I am sorry if that made folks feel left out - the name tags were only sticky address labels (and having been in Florida heat awhile the glue wasn't very sticky).
  7. Jim Avery I said I would let you know how the WC was with segments. Must say segmentersfloattheboat's post was better than anything I could post. I would only add that the group seems livelier this time around and that may be the new travelers that come aboard or we are all just excited about seeing this part of our world. As usual Viking does everything they can to make it a wonderful journey. See you on the Sun in August. Connie
  8. Cruise critic Meet & Mingle # 2 at 5:30 PM on January 27, 2019 in Wintergarden.
  9. Cruise Critic Meet & Mingle # 1 January 7, 2019 at 5:30 in the Wintergarden Deck 7. See you there.
  10. Susan did a great blog for the 1st WC at https://wordwrite.wixsite.com/passepartout and she will also blog this one. Check her 1st for link to this WC.
  11. Just a test to see how it works - Miami December 2017. Thanks for the instructions.
  12. The sundries shop did have small bottles of Listerine.
  13. My DH and I used Viking's insurer (Trip Mate) for the inaugural Viking Ocean World Cruise (141 days). Our claim for medical expenses (meds and supplies only as doctor exp was covered for world cruise) was taken care of although it took some time for a number of reasons not their fault. Anyway I will use them again. All travel insurance providers have their quirks. Sent from my SM-T377V using Forums mobile app
  14. We were on the 2016 World Cruise and Gene was there for the entire cruise. HAL lost a great CD. Gene was a welcome sight everytime we boarded a HAL Grand Voyage. I understand he was with Viking Ocean for a short time and then went to MSC. We will miss having him as a CD. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
  15. In 1973 my DH and I were newly engaged and took a weekend cruise on the Southward with the couple that introduced us. It was a Florida special $99 per person. Our second cruise was 33 years later. It took a while to decide we liked it LOL. Have done 50 cruises so far. Sent from my SM-G930V using Forums mobile app
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