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  1. I think that "delay until six months before cruising" has to be requested when the next cruise is booked. I first learned about it when I booked directly with Viking and then transferred booking to my TA. I have actually gotten the "delay until six months before cruising" twice now. I cruise Viking a lot and really like them.
  2. It is only a short time until Christmas and the end of the first half of the Ultimate World Cruise is in sight. The attached file is an abbreviated souvenir album to help you remember your wonderful cruise and to share with friends. Enjoy and Merry Christmas. Connie Viking Sun 2019-2020 1st half World Cruise Souvenir Album.pdf
  3. Glad you all are enjoying the sunny warm weather. We left you in New York and got back to Tennessee to enjoy way cooler temperatures than when we left - sad face - and the realities of a 60 year old house. Lots of projects to finish before we can escape to Florida for the winter. So folks enjoy the warm while you have it - it will chill when you get around lower South America. Just thought I'd throw that thought out there. Connie
  4. Just watched the video of the ship transiting the Cape Cod Canal, We were in Manfredi's at a window table for the transit. There are some awesome places along the canal. Would like to do a daylight transit sometime. thanks Liz for posting.
  5. Susan continues her blog even though she is not traveling currently and she provided a link to an interview with Heather Clancy. So here it is for those who might be interested, https://www.forbes.com/sites/lauramanske/2019/09/29/the-secret-inspired-life-of-a-cruise-ship-director/
  6. Left the Sun in NYC and miss her already. We spent more time on the Sun this year - 2019 World Cruise Jan-May and the London to NYC Segment of the Ultimate WC - than at home. You all have fun on the rest of the WC & segments. Another picture of the statue of liberty.
  7. Enjoyed The Golden Circle tour in Iceland. The day was cold, rainy, and windy. Saw more of Iceland than in our previous trip in 2009. The pictures would have been much better on a sunny day.
  8. Small box of 3 q-tips and 3 cotton pads, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shower gel, bar soap, shower cap, tissues, toilet paper and feminine product. All are resupplied as needed.
  9. Our guide said the Lord's Prayer in Faroese - he told us we would understand one word - we did it was the "Amen."
  10. Enjoying a little rocky sea and a grey day. Here is the "Daily" for this sea day. Lots to do.
  11. Excellent point. One I was about to make until I saw your post. Many more crew than the ones a guest interacts with are working hard to ensure all guests enjoy a wonderful and safe cruise. For that reason I am willing to pay gratuities whether included or automatically added to onboard account.
  12. You are probably already in possession of the new schedule, but here is the "Daily" for 14th published schedule.
  13. Hey Tom & Sylvia We signed up for that cruise just before leaving home. It already has an active roll call. Come join us. Connie
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