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  1. I wouldn't say the shore concierge can't do anything for you that you can do on your own. We've had them do things we couldn't get done through our travel agent or the reservation agent (or online). It's also the first place you should call for anything. They can transfer to someone who will pick up the phone right away rather than having to wait for more than an hour.
  2. I don't think they plan it like it's any other day at the Haven restaurant, they just have a special menu. But, EVERYONE is dining that night and it seems the Haven passengers didn't go anywhere but the Haven restaurant. Which I get. They had several LARGE parties of non-Haven passengers set up in the dining room, which is already small. So, that definitely added to the chaos. I put our names in with the maitre'd and that's where the problems began. We went to the lounge to relax and have a drink and they skipped us. I realized it immediately, because they gave our table to another passenger who I happened to be talking to and watched walk in well after us. I the maitre'd know at the time when they gave our table away and she said she'd get us in quickly, so I let it go because we were enjoying ourselves. That was my mistake. We waited about an hour+ to get in and probably another half hour to 45 minutes after I let the first table go. When we finally got in, they had to bring another table in from outside and set it up. Parties weren't leaving. The table was placed in an awkward spot and it wobbled but we tried to make the best of it. Then there was no waiter assigned to the new table and we had no service. Then when we finally ordered, nothing came out. When it finally came out, everything was cold and wrong and had to be re-ordered. No drink service so glasses went empty and stayed that way. Then I pressed my luck and asked for an espresso after everything was cleared. That never came out. So, I went to the bar right outside the door and asked the bartender who I was friendly with. He got it for me in seconds. Needless to say, it took well over three hours and we didn't have a good time or enjoy any part of the meal. I stopped tipping in the dining room after that. Even at the end of the week. I bit my tongue on the bridge tour with the Captain about it as well. I wanted that to be a nice moment and not a forum for me to complain. YMMV, but if I had to do it again, I'd arrive at 630, rather than 730 or I'd eat in the Manhattan Room.
  3. Nope. Didn't ruin the whole week. We had a great time. Met the captain who gave us a private tour of the bridge, met some new friends who we shared a villa with on Harvest Caye, had a great tours on Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. But, it pissed me off enough that I didn't want to go back into the Haven restaurant again.
  4. We did Thanksgiving on the Getaway last year in Costa Maya. The day and the tour were nice. Had a great time actually with the family. Dinner service sucked and the whole experience pissed me off enough to where I didn't tip any of the waitstaff or maitre'd at the end of the cruise (I had been tipping every meal until that point). This was in the Haven though, so YMMV. They did have turkey though!
  5. I did. You tip at the end of the cruise. That's a lot different than tipping at time of service. A person who tips at the end of the cruise feels the appreciation of the crew member the same as the person who doesn't tip at all. Think about it. They get the same level service throughout their cruise. A person who tips at time of service feels the appreciation of the crew member throughout the duration of their cruise. And, they get an increased level of service. It's just different philosophies. But, I guarantee a non-tipper was responsible for the idea of having everyone tip at the end of a cruise.
  6. You've obviously never worked in the service industry then. Ever try paying a bill with a 'respectful engagement?" If a server believes or knows that I'm giving out tips whereas another cruiser is giving out a respectful engagement, they're probably going to help me out first and save the respectful engagement for later on.
  7. I'm pretty happy with our flights. We leave in about a month. We opted for the day before and booked with Amex and so they waived the day before fee. We canceled the transfers in both directions as well. No strings attached with that airfare. Day before we leave at about 130pm. On the return we depart at noon. Nonstop both ways. Since we're on American and I have status, I selected our seats in the preferred seats for free.
  8. It's always been my experience that tippers get noticed rather quickly and get the best service.
  9. Not the OS or the DOS. We were in a plain-ole H4. 🙂
  10. Not so fast. We met the captain on the Getaway this past Thanksgiving. He invited us up for a private tour of the bridge. Answered tons of questions for us and was very gracious. It was just us three (wife, son, and I). He even let my kid "drive" the boat! Let him wear the hat too! LOL! Was definitely the highlight of our trip and we thanked him profusely. Very kind gentleman, indeed.
  11. I have the Amex Plat and used Amex Travel to book... so when I called Amex to arrange the travel one day early, the agent told me that NCL has an agreement with Amex that allowed them to waive the fee (the agent didn't know this until she called NCL to arrange it on my behalf). It wasn't clear whether the agreement was with 1. Amex 2. Amex Plat or 3. Amex Travel. She didn't make that distinction and I was happy with the outcome so I didn't press it further. Any of those three would make sense individually. Call up and give it a try though. Tell them you know they have an agreement with Amex to waive the fee and see if they do it.
  12. Holy crap that sounds expensive... but that all depends which port and where you're flying in from. Typically you can do better on your own though... that's what I've always found.
  13. Was your air free? If so... why have it removed? My air is free... I dropped the optional transfers and got them to give me the flight to arrive the day before for free (through Amex). Maybe I'm paying taxes on it or something? If so... can't be that much. I just figured if I didn't like the air I'd make changes directly through the airline by paying the change fee. If that wasn't an option, I'll arrange my own air. Either way... if it's free I don't see any reason to remove it.
  14. Not a chance you get in that early to MIA. If you did, the flight would originate the day before and that would cost you extra. Your flight will originate the day of. I believe they try to book non-stops but I don't know the answer to the second question.
  15. I filed that other discussion under the "Stoopid s**t people like to complain/obsess about." In the link I only saw the new Vibe layout, so it was probably just a mistake.
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