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  1. It is and we paid the upgrade difference when we changed rooms.
  2. Yes, it would have been nice if my TA had informed me that I would be canceling one cabin and upgrading the other. But she didn't and when I asked her about it this morning, she called RCCL and they told her that they could only upgrade one cabin, so the other one was considered cancelled. Which I understand. This is the first time I have booked with an NRD, so my fault as well for not knowing what I was getting into. I should have just booked the 2 bedroom grand suite in the beginning and I wouldn't have had any of these issues.
  3. Yes, we lost $300, not $600. I was unaware that I could only upgrade one room and that the other room would be considered "cancelled" and that we would lose $100 of the deposit for each person in that room. Lesson learned :)
  4. I am traveling with the OP. I originally booked two JS's with 3 people in each. I l always wanted the two bedroom, because that is what we are used to traveling in, but I had seen too many reviews that mentioned what bad shape those staterooms were in, I decided against it. After seeing evidence that the staterooms are being refurbished when the ships are "AMPED", I decided to book the two bedroom suite. Never did my TA say that it would be a problem or that I would lose any of my original deposit. In the end, I did lose $300 for the one cabin (my parents cabin), but my cabin was the one that the TA upgraded. They are crediting us back $450 out of the $750 deposit that was originally made. I also paid another deposit when switching to the 2 bedroom, as those suites require more money per person as deposit. I'm annoyed that I lost the $300 without being told about it first. I probably would have made the decision anyway to move, but I would have preferred it to my choice and not the choice of my TA or RCCL.
  5. Oasis is a gorgeous ship. Central Park is a underrated and underutilized portion of the ship, in my opinion. It’s so beautiful and calm. Being on deck 8 is perfect.
  6. When I sailed on these in 2015, they were Royal Family Suites. Now they are 2 bedroom grand suites. We had both for 6 people and it was truly amazing. There is no price you can put on having a hot tub on your balcony. Never mind two. I receive so many emails asking for pictures, that it is just easier to post them here. If you have any questions, I’m happy to help.
  7. You’re right, they are all getting different things, but I did read it in a couple of different places so I thought maybe there was some truth to it. It would be nice if Royal would just confirm what they are doing.
  8. The trampoline VR is being added to ships that are being “Amped”. Symphony doesn’t have it, but from what I have read, Oasis is getting it along with the other things Symphony has such as Hooked, Playmakers, Laser Tag, etc.
  9. She is undergoing a bow to stern refurbishment adding all the things Symphony has. She’s getting laser tag, the trampoline VR, Hooked, Playmakers, the Blaster, etc. I’ve been looking at those Cape Liberty sailings too. Have fun!
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