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  1. Hello I considering purchasing the beverage package but I would like to see the full list of brands that would be included. I was hoping someone could share this :)
  2. Yes that agent didn't know much called back and all confirmed with a FCC ty
  3. So I just spoke with my agent and since my cruise is April 27 I am still out $$.This was a non-refundable deposit booking. And if I wait till the 48hrs to cancel wouldn't I loss more since I am really in penalty. Please explain I guess I thought we could cancel with no penalty since are date is in the time frame as mentioned.
  4. We booked our cruise with a travel agent but yet it says call Royal..Who should I contact?
  5. Hello, friends, I have a cabin question? I have 7171 booked on the Apex and I see 7156 is open. Could anyone share your thoughts on either one? Thank you very much
  6. Not sure if I read a post that Liberty might be heading back to Florida? Thank you...
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