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  1. There is a stairway in about the middle of the aft deck so from 2713, you might notice it a little bit to the right of your window frame when looking out from your cabin. I guess that's what might be referred to as an "obstruction". We didn't find it bothersome but we tend not to spend very much time in our cabin. If you want to take photos, head outside or up the stairwell to the promenade deck. There are some mechanical noises outside on that aft deck (not sure what they're related to) but it was quiet inside the cabin. We did notice a little bit of noise in the morning when docking but by then, it was usually time to get up to start the day. You are correct - the window is behind the bed so you can't see out while in bed - you have to turn around. Also, I don't think there is a bathtub in any of those 3 aft cabins - only a shower. Hope this helps somewhat. If you go on to the HAL website, you can check out the various ships and deck plans, and there's also photos of the various cabin types (inside, oceanview, veranda, etc.) which will show you the layouts.
  2. Hi Jennaja, Personally, we really liked the cabin and were very happy there. We found it to be wider than most. Usually, the bedside tables are right up against the wall but this one had at least a foot and perhaps more extra space on both sides of the bed. Easy access to the dining room, the promenade deck and great views out the back door from where you've been. We also found it to be quieter, as these back cabins are a little bit off the main hallway. The cabin also had a nice sitting area with a loveseat and adjustable table, and lots of closet and drawer space. I wouldn't hesitate to book it again.
  3. Has anyone had any experience with the aft cabins on Main Deck of the Amsterdam, specifically #2713? It looks a bit larger than the other OV staterooms and the location seems very convenient (ie, just out the door and up the stairs to the promenade deck).
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