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  1. We on Jan 18-26 2019 cruise were changed to 10 PM also about a month ahead. I asked Dennis Charles about it after the Captains Corner on the 25th and he said it was due to a full port with departures and we lost the lottery. Which was fine because we skipped Coco Cay due to winds and got to Nassau at noon a day early instead. It was fine because we got the last dock, next to Paradise Island. What a glorious view, like having an ocean front room, at least for us on the Starboard side. BTW: We got to Port Canaveral at noon a day early also. So we overnighted at both ports that we actually got to.
  2. Spectra is the show that is most similar to Aquatheatre as far as danger is concerned. At least one performance was cut short on our Jan 18-26 2019 cruise and rescheduled. We were told by others it was too rough for safety but it didn't seem that bad to me and I'm a wimp.
  3. Yes, we know. You've mentioned it several times.
  4. Here are a couple of threads on pretty much the same topic that may help: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2576019-anthem-or-grandeur https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2585139-grandeur-or-anthem-jan-2018-bahamas BTW: I chose Anthem
  5. No problem it is very puzzling. The most important thing to do is sign up for your Roll Call, that is how I originally found out about both of our changes. Those who booked directly with RCI got email notification before RCI changed the Cruise Planner Calendar. I booked thru a TA who sent me a reworded email notification a few days later. So far our cruise has been modified twice. First it was the arrival at PC at noon with an overnight. Second it was leaving Nassau 2 hours earlier as we head back to Bayonne. I suppose that next they will tell us that we will be arriving in Bayonne a day earlier, so that we can enjoy the sights and sounds of beautiful Bayonne.
  6. These answer the question that I was trying to ask. Thank you. Yes, I know that Port Canaveral and the Bahamas aren't as warm as our usual January destination The Southern Caribbean. But it is way warmer than suburban Philly. If it's chilly, we'll stay on the boat or make the ultimate sacrifice and wear long pants. I had originally booked on the Grandeur out of Baltimore for this coming week. Then I read about all the warm interior space on the Anthem but the capper was the heated Solarium with the cascading pools and its Bistro. During the last couple of cruises we have tended to eat most of our meals in the Bistro.
  7. I should clarify, to me warm enough for shorts means in your own house warm, something around 70+ degrees. I live year round in the Mid Atlantic so I know I'll be wearing cold weather stuff the first and last day. I am taking khakis and long sleeve shirts for dressier meals. For instance, if I get up the first morning on the ship and walk up two decks to the Solarium Bistro for breakfast, will shorts be warm enough? I know from our last two cruises on the Oasis that we will spend most of our time at the Solarium, which I hope will be warm enough for sitting around in wet swim suits?
  8. I will be on the Anthem’s January 18 eight day cruise out of Bayonne. I know it will be cold during the first and last sea day for sure. Our cruise has just become one of those 8 day cruises that gets to Canaveral at noon after one and a half sea days and stays over night for another full day. We don’t know why it was changed but it was. My question is, do I have to wear anything warmer than shorts and a short sleeved shirt when I’m on board during the few possibly cold sea days? As far as I can tell the only time I would have to be outside is if I were to walk between the Windjammer and the Covered Heated pool. Is that really about my only chance of getting cold while just walking around? I tend to stay in the Solarium for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so I can easily avoid that chilly H2O Zone area. Are all other areas of the ship warm enough for shorts from beginning to end of the cruise? Thanks in advance, Bob
  9. We had really good friends that lived on Lake Parsippany so I have been in that area a bunch of times, it won’t help either. When heading toward NYC from the west the only good time is before noon on Sunday. My wife and her sister sailed to Bermuda in May on a Sunday, it was a great drive even on I95. But Sunday morning isn’t an option here. There will be tons of traffic in the Newark area almost any other time. I would rather get stuck in traffic knowing that I may get to my hotel later than I planned than having to worry about missing my cruise. I’m slightly concerned about my 7 mile Uber ride because the I78 bridge is involved. There was a major accident on the I78 bridge right after I drove over it in May, closing most lanes. If I get aboard by 10:30 I can get breakfast on the ship.
  10. We live about 25 miles NW of Philly less than 90 minutes from the port but we are cruising in 11 days, snow season. So we are staying at the Double Tree at Newark and are paying $137 our pre cruise night which includes up to 2 weeks parking. UberX $15.36 UberXL $24.57.
  11. I live about 25 miles NW of Philly, my parents lived in Allentown, my wife's parents lived in Lebanon. Don't even consider Lebanon and Allentown isn't much better for convenience. We live less than 90 minutes from the port but we are cruising in less than 2 weeks, snow season. So we are staying at the Double Tree at Newark and are paying $137 our pre cruise night which includes up to 2 weeks parking. The port is $20 a day.
  12. They have just changed the 1/23/2019 Nassau departure time from 11:59 PM to 10:00 PM. I wonder what is going on.
  13. Hopefully they will get to wear their Dog masks again.
  14. So what prompted the sudden interest? 🐦 It sure was a nailbiter.
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