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  1. hello Flashman We have now completed 4 Viking Ocean cruises with a 5th booked for late next year. All have been / will be in the Junior Suite category. My wife's approach to cabins is the same as her approach to hotel rooms - book the most expensive one you can afford. More seriously .. whether you can justify the extra cost depends on perspectives. Don't fret about restaurant bookings - yes it is handy to be able to book a couple of dates prior to boarding before just about anyone else can - but you will almost always get want you want after you board if you are flexible with times etc. The laundry perk in the Junior Suite is very nice - just place your washing on the bed in the morning (inside the laundry bag provided, with paperwork completed) and it is returned the next afternoon (ie around 30 hours later) all gift wrapped in a very nice box or hanging in the wardrobe on hangers. However if you don't have included laundry the on-board self-serve laundry is easy to use and if you go early AM or late PM you are almost always able to secure a washer and / or a dryer (the day before disembarkation is often very busy so you need to be aware of these sorts of issues). You can of course take a Verandah Suite and pay for laundry - if you search this Forum you will probably find a price list or other comments on this option. We take the Junior Suite because we love the extra space in the cabin and we love the locations (we have been in 8019 three times and 7002 once - and we have 7002 booked for next year). Deck 8 v Deck 7 is an interesting comparison. I prefer 7002 due to its location near the Explorers Lounge (access is via a door next to 7000) but my wife prefers 8019 as you can walk out the door, turn left and be out in the open air in just a few steps. How these locations compare to deck 6, 5, 4 etc I can't say. I can however highly recommend that you read as many of the topics as you can in this wonderful Forum. Obviously you have to view things through your own filter and obviously not everyone agrees with everyone else's point of view every time - but you get a good balance if you take all comments into perspective. I'm not sure if you will book directly with Viking in Sydney or via a travel agent. There is lots of discussion re this comparison in the Forum if you do a search. We book directly. After our first cruise I started asking the Agent for a little extra incentive from her when I rang to book another - twice she has thrown in a complimentary Silver Spirits Package for us (she might have done that for everyone else as well - I don't know - but I do know this is a great [and valuable] perk for us). So ... don't be shy, ask if there is anything special they can offer you if you book directly. So to answer your original question .. from a simple financial perspective it is hard to justify the extra cost, but when you take into account the space, comfort and other benefits which the Junior Suite provides we are convinced it is the best cabin for us. I have cut back on my contributions in the Forum simply because of time constraints but if I think of anything else you might find useful I will post it. There is an excellent overview of just about every cabin on each Viking ship somewhere in this Forum - if I can find it I will post that as well. Please feel free to ask any questions. Cheers from the Redcliffe Peninsula
  2. They lost in 2017, then had a partial win on appeal in 2018. I'm not sure what happened next, but there is an article dated 2019 which indicates the matter is now being considered by the High Court of Australia - so it is on-going. The only winners would be the law firms involved. https://cruisepassenger.com.au/scenic-could-face-payout-worth-millions-after-losing-appeal-over-floods/ Edit later .. I have found a more recent article. The matter is still before the High Court - which is being asked to rule on several issues (below). The matter was adjourned and there is no indication of a final outcome as yet. On 17 May 2019, special leave applications for both Scenic Tours and Moore were listed for hearing. The issues before the High Court were: Did the Civil Liability Act apply to the assessment of damages for disappointment and distress? Did the Civil Liability Act have extra territorial application? What was the scope of the services that Scenic Tours had agreed to provide the plaintiffs?
  3. A local news report ; https://www.abc.net.au/news/2019-10-01/scenic-tours-river-cruise-passengers-planning-class-action/11560730 The article is FYI - I am not involved, and don't have a view one way or the other.
  4. Found this photo in another website .. repeat World Cruisers presently on Viking Sun. Anyone recognise anyone ? Anyone prepared to ID themselves 😁
  5. We have been in 8019 (3 times) and 7002 (once). Both excellent locations. 7002 is closer to Explorers Lounge etc, 8019 is closer to the open area above the pool (good for photo opportunities etc). A couple of times we have heard some noise above 8019 from people playing on the sports deck (during the day), but the sports area on Deck 9 is closed at night so it is not a problem in the evening. We have booked 7002 for South America next year, simply because it is a little less expensive. 💰
  6. One final thought SabreSailor .. comments above relate to the 'included' laundry service. On the last full day on-board (ie when no included service available) I believe you can pay extra for same day return of laundry .. which we have never done. A couple of times we have used the laundry machines to do a quick wash / dry in the evening prior to disembarking.
  7. Apologies .. yes of course millybess is correct. Your underwear / socks etc will be in the box but your shirts / trousers etc will be on hangers in the wardrobe.
  8. Never used dry cleaning service .. but if you leave your laundry bag and laundry form on the bed by mid morning it will be collected - and returned the next afternoon (all nicely folded and wrapped, inside a cute box). This means no laundry service on your last full day on-board as you disembark early the next day. We have completed 4 Viking Ocean cruises in Penthouse Junior Suites and love the laundry service perk. Enjoy.
  9. hello to all on board, and to all who are watching from afar. We haven't posted on CC for over 12 months, but we do still read posts from time to time and we heard the latest Viking WC is underway - so we couldn't resist a quick hello. We have now completed 4 Viking ocean cruises (all great) and have South America (BA - Santiago) booked with Viking for late next year. We will obviously be very interested in reports on that section of the cruise. Best wishes for a safe journey.
  10. G'day Mark. We are pre-registered for Basel - Amsterdam with Scenic for 2021. This goes on sale in Jan / Feb 2020, so we can't actually answer your question. But we will be interested in the thoughts of others with more experience on this issue - and we will be very interested in following your Budapest - Amsterdam adventure (your thoughts about cabin, food, tours, on-board experience etc). So please feel free to post your thoughts from time to time. We did Budapest - Amsterdam with APT some years ago and had a great time (perfect weather, perfect water levels) so we hope you have an equally great time. Cheers from Qld
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