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  1. Thank you so much for sharing a Very Positive experience and Lovely Attitude! We board on March 1st on the Meraviglia & can't wait. We've been on the Divina and the Seaside and have had nothing but Great Experiences. Can't wait to see what is in store for our adventure in 12 days! We always look for the positive and stay away from the negative talk from others on board. your vacation is what you make it and we always make ours positive:) Happy Cruising!
  2. Hi, we are leaving on March 1st:) Can anyone that has rented the umbrellas at Ocean Cay let me know if you save $$ renting them on the website or can you rent them at Ocean Cay for the same price? Also, is one enough for 2 lounge chairs or is it better to have 2? Thanks so much
  3. WOW! I am blown away by your photos! AWESOME job & thank you for posting! I am more excited than ever to board this Beautiful ship on March 1st.
  4. Is one umbrella large enough to provide shade for 2 loungers? Thanks
  5. 48 days away!! WOOHOO. It's all I can think about lately. We are so excited about our Aurea Suite with hot tub. In the process of booking a couple of excursions. Maya Chan in Costa Maya looks good. Roatan is one of my favorite ports, thinking of checking out the sloths this time, so cute and cuddly & relaxing at the beach the balance of the day. Belize, probably stay on board and enjoy this beautiful ship. I hear a massage calling, lol.
  6. We love MSC. Haven't had anything but Excellent service on our past 2 cruises (Divina & Seaside). Meraviglia scheduled for March...Can't wait! We have 32 past sailings with Carnival, RC, NCL, Celebrity, & Princess. MSC stands up to all of them. They have a way to go in advertising themselves as I always mention MSC when I am talking to others on the other cruise lines and I have yet to meet someone who has heard of MSC, ???? Oh well, maybe we can keep them a secret and have the ship to ourselves, not! LOL Happy Cruising!
  7. LOL:) The small island may be just what we are looking for. Thanks for the info. The past couple of times we were in Belize, we just stayed on board but looking for a new experience at a beach this time.
  8. Thank you so much!! We will be in the Caribbean so as long as the weather and the seas co-operate sounds like we will be living on the balcony. Thank you for confirming the hot tub is full and heated. I'm sorry you weren't able to take advantage of it. Maybe next time. Happy Cruising:)
  9. We will be in an Aurea suite with the wrap around balcony on the front of the Meraviglia ship in March next year. The Hot tub is an actual Jacuzzi. I don't think we fill it??? Look on youtube for Meraviglia aurea suite with hottub for a video...it looks fantastic, I think we will be spending a lot of time on the balcony:)
  10. FogFog, What little island is that off of Belize? Beautiful
  11. April42749, I like your style. Sounds a lot like me. Over the years we have dressed up for dinners, especially when we were with a large group of family and friends. Lately it's just my husband and me and we tend to stay casual....it's so nice! doing what we want when we want....Anyway, did you visit the Casino? I do like to play the slots and play BJ & Let It ride...any thoughts? Thanks
  12. Thank you HLR:) I am an MSC fan and it is so refreshing to read the Positive Reviews. I've sailed the Divina and the Seaside and am going on the Meragvilia in March 2020. I have had the best experiences on MSC and Love their ships and Outstanding Service! I have been on 35 cruises to date and look forward to a lifetime of cruises to come. Thank you for sharing you review, I really enjoyed it. Take care
  13. Thank you April42749! We will be sailing the Meraviglia in March of 2020 and I can't wait. We have the Aurea experience in a front wrap around suite, so excited. It is disturbing to read so many negative reviews about the MSC ship experience from many other cruisers. I have 35 cruises with sailings on Carnival, Princess, NCL, Celebrity, Royal Caribbean and 2 past cruises on MSC (Divinia/Seaside). We discovered MSC back in 2016 and the price was right and we were looking for a Caribbean cruise. That 1st experience with MSC (Fantastica) set us up for future sailings. The ship was beautif
  14. I called yesterday to see if I could pre book Six on our Bliss sailing this coming weekend. Got to an agent right away and she needed to put me on hold to see about pre booking the show....After an hour of waiting (overlapping at work), I gave up. So much for getting through right away, LOL! Does anyone know if the show SIX can be reserved on the kiosks around the ship or will the NCL app have it available to book once on board? OR is it necessary to go to the Social to reserve.... Thanks all
  15. Beautiful sentiment So sorry to hear about Mr. Happy. You and your husband are wonderful people to stay in contact with him. Thank you for sharing!
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