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  1. phoneman69 Thank you let's hope this illness becomes a thing of the pass
  2. phoneman69 Tell me if I am right it is just 1 question asking us if we got the shot.
  3. phoneman69, wemjam Thanks for telling us. And yes, it would have been nice to be told by carnival.
  4. Takes everyone for your help.
  5. Takes everyone for your help.
  6. Has anyone been on the Sunrise and what cabin did you get? I just want a quiet area so I can just sleep. 😴
  7. Has anyone heard of Bimini cruise port? What is there to do? Which is better Halfmoon Cay or Bimini?
  8. SNJCruise I have the jab done a long time ago. I have been a role model to my family. I had to talk my parents into get it, and my sibling now I am working on my kids.
  9. I love carnival but I am thinking about changing carnival for NCL because you have to be vax to go on NCL.
  10. I love the Paradise I been on her 4 times. Hoping to go on her again.
  11. Thanks everyone for your help. Lllbruzn4life I hope everything works out for you as well.
  12. Elklemi That sound too good to be true. But if it is true please show me.
  13. coevan I keep on going back and forth about this I do not want to lose the money if there no vaccine what do we do? And if anyone wants to answer this please 🙏 do?
  14. I am thinking about giving up cruising for a little while for an all-inclusive. Has anyone done an all-inclusive I found one for 12 night for $3,500 with air is that good? In Punta Cana
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