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  1. jcool


    Thanks everyone for answering my question?
  2. jcool

    Dressing up

    Thanks everyone for your help. Beg3yrs of course our clothes do not have holes in them if they were stained or with holes, they would be in the trash Thrak I been on Carnival so many times. And other lines cruise lines I just want a change. Pris993 If I have to wear a dress, I would wear a dress. That is why I am asking. Even if I am uncomfortable dressing up.
  3. jcool


    Does anyone one have a picture of the drink menu?
  4. Do I really need to dress up for the dining room? I dislike dressing up in a dress I am a sneaker and t-shirt and jeans women. Do not get me wrong. I have a lot of dresses. And how does my husband need to dress?He loves dressing up.
  5. jcool


    Thanks for answering my question. I thought to get good service you had to tip. I am very polite. I used to love to tip in cash but my love one said with what’s going on today you cannot.
  6. jcool


    If you do not tip you will not get good service will you?
  7. I have the drink package how much should I tip in cash for a drink?
  8. Thanks everyone for your help. I see my topic has change but that ok as long as people have things to say that nice.
  9. I got the drink package for $138 a person. I would like to know if it is worth it? I am not a big drinker.I would have 1 or 2 drinks a day. And my love one does not drink at all. We are big water drinkers. And we do not drink soda. And how many drinks can you have a day just curious
  10. on the second night is elegant night
  11. Thanks for answering my question. The menu was helpful. If I stood home I would just go out for dinner. Good turkey to me is not cooking the turkey. And burning down the house.
  12. Tell me about Thanksgiving on broad? Do they have turkey?
  13. Thanks a lot what both of you. It helped a lot. And that a cute puppy.
  14. Can someone tell me about parking in Miami cruise port? How do I find parking? And does anyone know about Lot #2? Also how do I drop off my bags?
  15. jcool


    Thanks everyone for answering.
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