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  1. I always answer the question honestly. I should have stated that I never know how to interpret this question. I just find that question intriguing.
  2. On the post cruise survey it always asks: Were you asked by any crew member(s) to provide positive ratings/reviews on this survey? If yes, it asks: If you were asked to provide positive ratings/reviews on this survey, please identify the crew member(s) that asked you: I have always assumed the crew is suppose to encourage us to fill out the survey, but never know how to answer this question. Is it looked down upon by the company if they ask us to provide positive ratings? I feel like the crew tells us to reply positive only if we were happy with the service.
  3. Thank You!! I actually talked to a RC agent on the way to the test. She is the one that had me so concerned about it. She suggested getting another one on Tuesday to be safe. My husband was not thrilled with that suggestion, so that is when I turned to the wonderful people of Cruise Critic. I am glad you were able to talk to someone who confirmed Monday was okay. We assumed it would be fine.
  4. Jasukkie, Yes, this is for Adventure. Thank you. My husband told me I was making too much out of it, but it stressed me.
  5. It is Monday morning, we sail this coming Saturday, July 10th on Adventure of the Seas. We had our PCR tests this morning. I am starting to have anxiety that we did them too early. The guidelines just say 5 days in advance. Well, we are 5 calendar days in advance, but had the testing at 10:00 this morning. By the time we board the ship it will be past 10 am. Does anyone know if we goofed???? Should we get another test tomorrow to be on the safe side. I haven't read much about how picky there on the testing. THANKS!!!
  6. Thanks for info. Glad you and your family we able to be part of the "Royal Comeback." Great memories that will last a lifetime. We are on the July 10th sailing.
  7. Did you receive an OBC for your Bahamas Health Visa?
  8. We are scheduled to sail July 10 on Adventure. Got the email today that documents were ready, but no cabin assignment yet. This is our first guarantee cabin on RC. As a general rule, when can we expect a cabin assignment? THANKS!!
  9. I generally see a discount on drink packages prior to sailing. I have not noticed a drop in price on our upcoming Adventure sailing. I am thinking they may not offer a sale with reduced revenue. We don't sail until July 10th. Has anyone with an earlier sailing seen a discount? I am willing to pay the full asking price just for the privilege to sail, but might as well get the discounted price if they offer. If the price on the cruise planner doesn't drop, I will probably wait to purchase onboard.
  10. Thank you!! I do recall that it didn't open until later afternoon.
  11. When the Sky came out of refurbishment, was The Local menu in line with The Local on bigger ships? The last time we sailed the Sky, it was still The Long Board and the menu was pretty limited. Long story short, we are trying to salvage a cruise this year with our children. We were originally booked on the Breakaway for June 2020 and most recently lost the Gem from Dominican Republic. Our children have never sailed NCL and were really looking forward to O'Sheehan's ( Now The Local.) We are not able to sail as a group again until October. The Sky is the only ship that has a chance of getting us a Caribbean cruise with our children this year and it is looking more and more like a long shot. My husband and I love the Sky and although it is a smaller ship, we believe our adult children with be fine with it too. They were really looking forward to the O'Sheehan's (The Local) experience that you get on a bigger ship. I know it is much smaller on the Sky, but wondering if they updated the menu. I know they will find plenty to eat, but I am sailing with some adult sports junkies and I can only imagine they will spend a lot of time in The Local. THANKS!!
  12. We are living on the edge as well for the July 10th sailing. We really don't like to do it, but also decided to give it a try since we don't sail until 9pm. Our connection goes through Chicago. I expect the flight to be full of cruisers.
  13. It is a new option. Previously, NCL wouldn't guarantee that your party would all be on the same flight. One of our cruises that was cancelled last summer had our three cabins flying in on 3 different flights even though our reservations were linked.
  14. We booked the Gem sailing out of Dominican Republic. Now starts the task of trying to figure out where to stay. We have never been to the DR. Does anyone have suggestions on the best area/hotel to stay prior to this sailing? Thanks!
  15. NCL will allow a you to fly in up to 2 days prior to the cruise and fly home up to 2 days after the cruise. You pay a $25 deviation fee on each end if you choose to do it. If you want a specific airline or time then you need to decline and book your own flight. Also, if you have more than one cabin flying together, you can pay an additional charge to travel together. This will insure you are on the same flight.
  16. We are sailing last week of March to Bahamas. I haven't heard that Bahamas is turning ships away. I am not concerned about missing ports, but rather being quarantined in cabins on board the ship. Has anyone experienced a ship being Quarantined? Were you in cabins? What did they feed you? My concerns are superficial. but nonetheless would like to know what NCL's process is.
  17. We are trying to decide whether to use the reduced air for our cruise out of Barcelona. We have 3 cabins booked and some of our concerns are: Crazy long layovers, being on separate flights and none of us seated together for such a long flight. Were your seat assignments together? If not, were you able change them? Thanks!
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