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  1. Yes absolutely, shout out for all those carrying out the evacuation.
  2. Norwegian Search and Rescue Helicopter did a DRILL emergency medivac on this very ship when we were on board for the christening voyage. That was scary enough - just watching - in near perfect weather.
  3. Our thoughts are with everyone involved for a safe evacuation. (We should have been on this cruise but changed to another so this hits home.)
  4. Here he is; cuddled up waiting for Dad with his baby girl Bonnie; with two of his girls Aruba and Bonnie; on his favourite beach last summer - he just loved to run into the water, I think it soothed his poorly joints; looking sad as nothing had fallen out of the fridge yet! Thank you all for your kindness.
  5. Oh Cindy I am heartbroken for you. As has been said Wexler has always been here, latterly with his dear sugar face. we enjoyed the tales of him going to work with John. It broke my heart just looking at his photo this morning. Sadly we lost our "Mr Frosty" (as our post lady called our dear boy Max) our dear dear chocolate lab just before Christmas. I am still expecting his enquiring face to appear around the kitchen door when he hears the fridge door opening, always hopeful that some treat, regardless of how small, would happen to fall into his big smiling mouth! These beautiful creatures come into our lives and our hearts and we have the best of times with them and then "pow" they are suddenly gone. Like you I haven't been around much - we've not had the best of years. Anyway, just wanted to say we know how you are feeling and sending you lots of love and big hugs from across the big pond. I hope maybe Mr Max will be waiting for Mr Wexler across the rainbow bridge. I like to think that Mr Max has already found Madame Brenda and she will be keeping these boys right on their next adventure.
  6. Zitsky My DH ordered flowers on board from the folk at the customer service/shore excursions desk in the Living Room. They were delivered to our stateroom at the next port of call. This was in Norway and I imagine they phoned (or ordered online) the florist to order and the charge was put on our account. He specified how much he wanted to spend, type of flowers etc and it was an arrangement rather than a bouquet. So no need to get a vase organised! I have also taken beautiful roses on board on another line embarking in Monte Carlo from the flower market in Nice. No issues at all, so I imagine you will be fine taking flowers on board.
  7. Ladymadeline - we changed cruises quite recently - Viking happily transferred our deposit to the new cruise and charged us an admin fee of £100 per person to do so. We are in the UK so US policy may be different but before we changed I wasn't sure if we could do this either. The small print can be very confusing, however, it was very easy and no problems.
  8. I did NOT say the ship's water was unsafe to drink. I did NOT say they were not allowed to drink it - we were told they were not allowed to drink it for any length of time (months on end). They are given bottled water. We were told this by someone onboard. Other than this I have no data or point of reference.
  9. But you'd also have to use the putting green as your bathroom! ;p:')
  10. She's in the UK where that is the normal final payment time. 70 days. I just counted it! ;)
  11. Cape Hernlopen On our first Viking cruise (Into the midnight sun) San Pelligrino was widely available in all bars/restaurants on the ship and included in the silver spirits drinks package. Fast forward to March this year no San Pelligrino at all! First "story" (told in Manfredi's on the first evening and where you would expect to get an Italian sparkling water!) "not loaded in San Juan, will be loaded in St Maarten". (We missed that port due to sea swells), second "story", the first "story" was "inaccurate" or words to that effect! Asked to speak to the F and B manager who just shrugged his shoulders and said "first and second story wrong" - "none on board but we might have some Perrier (well if you drink San Pelligrino you probably don't drink/like Perrier). Turned up with, I kid you not, 6 small bottles of Perrier and said that was it - for a 13 day transatlantic, but if they found anymore they would keep it for us - they didn't. Third "story" or maybe that should be "fourth", speaking to a senior crew member (position withheld for obvious reasons) that they were no longer going to have San Pell on board. That is a huge disappointment as not only is it our preferred water (and we have been told a certain Chairman's preferred water too) and a reason we took the ss package (in addition to the prosecco of course!) but the ship's water they freely pour is quite revolting (to us but some don't mind it) and not good for you at all. The ship's crew are not allowed to drink it for any length of time so they drink the bottled water (I imagine similar to the stuff they hand out when going out on excursions). So we resorted to drinking the pink topped bottled water - and of course our intake of prosecco increased so I guess we got our sparkles that way! HAHA! :'):halo: Anyway, I did ask the question of Viking Sales about the future supply of San Pelligrino when we booked our next Viking cruise and that was maybe 2 months ago and I'm still waiting for an answer. Your post has reminded me to chase that up. However, there was a glimmer of hope in that I did ask someone on board one of the ships and they said it was only available in Manfredi's at that time but last time I looked it was still on the bar drinks list on their website. So there is hope.
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