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  1. In the past we had to sign, also in case of a drink package, but recently it seem no more the case.
  2. Sometime using the RC numbers is also a good way. And on contract you may have an other land line number. I'm cosmopolitan on where I book with Celebrity (but never used phone for captain Club stuffs), but so, I tend to use the free number also if I should use the number in the contract. In any case all lines go to the same telephone exchange. I think we already noticed that CelebrityCruise is not so good on shore stuffs: website, phone, brochure. Did you noticed that the description map of cabins, on UK brochure are mixed? Or nonsenses on Italian brochure? Or getting captain club newletter with promotions already expired?
  3. On the website I find: 0845 163 3180 (Calls cost 7p per minute + network charge) for customer question. It would be very strange (especially for British market) to have an illegal contact number. But I agree with you: email is often the best way.
  4. But CaptainClub contacts are not the customer service.
  5. I assume it is the desk used to sell drink packages one see on first few days of a cruise. Probably the reminder will tell us exactly where and when the desk is located/open.
  6. If you stay just one day and you are not an Israeli national, you get a pink card when you exit the ship and you should give it back, as "1 day visa" replacement. The ship will pay the visa fees. If you are staying more than 24 hours in Oman, all things could be more complex, possibly you need a visa. If you are Israeli national: ask! In Middle East the rules are special for them. Note: there is a special section of this board about port of call, one for such part of the world. There you will find better information.
  7. I think that in few days all will settle down (considering the reason of the riots). But it you are worried, consider the wine valleys (from Santiago to Sant'Antonio), and try to get transportation to port city early: an other thing Chileans seem to hate are the toll booths on highways (and as I have read, sometime Chilean block them, if they find service is unsatisfactory).
  8. It should not be a big problem for cruisers. it is just riots against government (about prices), so very local stuff, not much political (e.g. against communist or liberalism, which tend to target also citizen of the "enemy" countries). On the other hand, you cannot use the metro, which is very handy to go from one place to an other in Santiago, and possibly there are restriction to be near the presidential palace, but this are also not so seldom. From what I get, Hong Kong and Barcelona (and Ecuador) has much worse situation [mostly because the larger crowd]. I would feel save: the tourists seems not to be the target. Just avoid riots and were there are too much people. The victims seems to be "incidents": never directly attacked, just on wrong place (on a building in fire). Chilean have good hospitality, just avoid to speak about Pinochet if you are not well informed on arguments both side (else you can get good discussions, just don't be the dumb person which argue facts without knowing them, just because you read one paragraph on history books). Maybe avoid Santiago, and go to nearby wine regions.
  9. I think they should get our comments, but they should not know who did the comment. As original OP, it will be weird on B2B cruises.
  10. For sure, there are also more dentists (and doctors)... as passengers.
  11. The comments are given to the crew, and it seems that they like to receive positive comments: it gives them motivation. But I'm really unhappy that the comments and notes are not anonymous. About the scores: CD repeats often that we should adopt "American" style: 10 = I'm happy with service, and not the "European": 10 = perfect (no margin to improve) [which is nearly impossible, we can all do better]. So it seems that the survey (and celebrity) is just looking to find the "good enough" (with lesser effort), not really to search for the perfection.
  12. On past we were able to buy postcard and stamps (look on Wikipedia, if the two terms are not familiar to you 😉 ) from the flag country, and send them from the ship. Unfortunately on recent cruises, this was not more possible. About the country: this is complex. You are on the ship, and different country rules could apply (and that changes also during navigation). If you are in port, the territory is from the port country (also if it is outside custom and immigration, like the "international part" of an airport, but many laws of flag country are valid (and not on the territory rules). Additionally, some rules do not apply. Work hours are usually not the same as in flag country (e.g. not Malta [so European] rules). Remember: a country has not a single border, but many: one physical, one for immigration, one for customs, etc. On sea you have the area you can have control, and the area you have exclusive control for economic resources (but you cannot forbid other country ship to enter).
  13. Note: The last UK brochure include a page with a similar list (but only for alcoholics).
  14. On the Berlitz cruising & cruise ship (Douglas Ward), I have noticed that M-classes are losing many points every year. Partly it is also normal: ships are becoming old, so with "old" standards, but in my opinion too much compared other lines, and this on all categories. [Interesting, the 2020 edition has publication date 29 october 2019, but I altrady got my copy on book shop.] On the other hand, we are in CruiseCritic (on on cruises, or both), so we know better about quality 😉
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