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  1. We arrive 3 hours before our flight when flying out of BCN. We have had to wait for the counter to open once but the lines were long. We were in business class and had a few people in front of us.
  2. If it is what we have it will be the easy drink package which is limited but has everything we like to drink....Drinks up to $6.00 it includes most simple mixed drinks there are many lists on the boards that show what is available...
  3. No they don't there is no outdoor screen.
  4. Orlando (MCO) has changed they will not be closing down operations on Monday at 2 am. This can change if the storm doesn't turn north when NHC thinks it will.
  5. We never check in 24 hours before our flights when in Italy and just check in at the airport. We are always in business class so we have a shorter dedicated check in line. If you have seats assigned already I wouldn't worry and just do it at the airport. We go to Naples every year finding wifi is easy so you shouldn't have aproblem at most cafes and restaurants...
  6. I have been on Armonia this past May, I don't remember cards being punched anywhere on the ship. When we received ours there was no hole punched (I always carry my card in my pocket and never on a lanyard. The ocean view room is very compact (that is what we had for ) suit cases do fit under the bed. Storage will be tight for the of you. The bathroom is very small. I think you will become very close during your cruise. You can go speak to the Matre'd on the first day to ensure your party is sitting together and your table number will be on your cruise card. Check suite prices for your sailing it might be a better choice for the of you (if it makes financial sense). We just upgraded from an OV to a suite with drinks and wifi for a small upcharge from what we were paying for a OV without drinks.
  7. I had a problem a few weeks back making our final payment. I had to call to make the payment the agent told me they have been having a problem, looks like it is more widespread.
  8. Yes you can get Prosecco and you will have a choice of one or two red wines and white.(most likely only a choice of one).
  9. We were on the Armonia this past May and had a great time, food was good service was great. We had the best bar service of the over 50 cruises we have taken. The ship was in good shape and we found it to be clean. We liked it so much we took advantage of the current pricing and booked to go on October 28 2019...
  10. I do know the easy drink package does include the coffee at San Marco café... I went every morning for my cappuccino.
  11. You will be charged the full price not the difference Mojito and Mai Tais are Not included You can order a virgin Pina Colada (included) and a shot of rum (included)
  12. Unfortunately the answer is no....
  13. No we did not experience having to wait the 5 minutes Carnival makes you wait. Plus they were very good about letting us order doubles at any time.
  14. I called and went from an OV to an S3 Aurea for a hundred bucks more than what we were paying for our October 28. We got to keep our$400.00 credit s well. Our sailing has over 200 empty cabins and I am sure more will cancel as the final payment come due on July 29th.
  15. Yes Gelato is free You can get virgin Pina coladas on your drink package and if you want just order a shot of rum and it is no longer a virgin No you do not need to reserve seats for the shows, we arrived 15 minutes early and never has a problem finding seats. However we don't sit upfront. Yes the ship changes time Never went to the spa so can't answer that question
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