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  1. I agree. If they had a specialty restaurant with organic foods, I would be in there every day , even if i had to pay a a bit extra for it.
  2. So presidents club members get free wifi after 1400 nights. Does anyone know of any other 'perks' someone will receive when they become president club members? Someone once mentioned that they get free upgrades and extra ship board credit and gratuities are included. Can anyone verify this? We are only half way there, but just planning now to see if it is worth being loyal to Holland America to get to this level.
  3. Does anyone happen to know if Holland America Presidents Club Members are still receiving Free wifi? And is it 1000 nights you need to get to the President's Club level?
  4. I am currently on the Maasdam What i love about is 1- Unique itinerary 2- Great food 3- Great staff 4 - Smaller ship so not too busy. A very relaxed atmosphere. 5- Not too small so it still has a good size gym, pools, showroom etc 6- No regular singers and dancers but still entertainers including some local entertainment from time to time. 7- More interesting lectures than their other ships which i find so interesting. 8- Has computer and camera classes like their other ships I am really enjoying the cruise and will be booking more cruises on the Maasdam. It is my favorite HAL ship at the moment, mostly because of the unique itinerary and interesting lectures.
  5. The non- refundable fares are often not a better deal if you buy too far in advance. . I once bought a non refundable fare at a ''discount'' only to see the price drop significantly days afterwards. And they wouldn't re-fare it. And it kept dropping numerous times prior to the 90 days of sailing. I personally will not do that again.
  6. QUOTE You need to realize that they are in business to operate profitably --- and for them to let bottom fishers lock in good fares while keeping the option to reprice, while great for the customer, would hurt them. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------r Of course they are in the business to operate profitably---- but I personally think it is not going to end up well for the cruise lines to do this. Customer's who buy so far in advance risk being locked into the highest price . As a result, this business strategy is going to change the buying habits of their customers. More people will not book so far in advance any longer. The result will be that the cruise ships will end up with less sales until closer to the sail date. Then they will NEED to discount If the cruise lines re-fared up to the 90 days before sailing, more people would buy the cruise many months or years in advance and they wouldn't have to lower the prices. (Not that I'm interested in paying higher prices. I'm just saying... it's pretty logical). So in the meantime, I am just buying 90 days or less before a cruise leaves .
  7. I always book a guarantee cabin on cruises. My TA has never given me an option to book a particular cabin. I presume it is more expensive to choose your cabin. But how much more do they usually charge to choose a cabin number?
  8. Each time we go on Royal Caribbean on a back to back cruise, we have to pack up and move to another cabin. This doesn't make for a a fun day. This has happened 3 times. We do not ever have to change cabins on Holland America or Princess. We book a guarantee cabin on all our cruises and only Royal Caribbean has not allowed us to stay in the same room even though my travel agent emails in advance about our back to back cruise and wanting to stay in the same cabin. Has anyone else had the same experience or, if not, any tips so this doesn't happen to us each time?
  9. Does anyone know if there are any plans for Royal Caribbean to do a world cruise or any longer voyages?
  10. The ONLY time I'd book a non refundable fare is if it is 90 days or less before the cruise since then, it can't be re-refared anyhow. Booking a cruise far in advance with a non-refundable fare is probably not a good idea. It is likely going to drop in price and you can't get it re-fared. That would NOT make me feel very good. This policy is a bad idea and I wish they would stop it. Non-refundable fares also change the buying habits of the consumer. Less people are going to book a cruise so far in advance now. HAL would sell more cruises if their customers had the comfort of knowing that it would be re-fared if there is a price drop 90 days prior to sailing. Especially for those who would like to book cruises far in advance.
  11. We always book a guarantee cabin since it is my understanding that it's the best way to get the best price. We always get an inside cabin. We've never been disappointed. One time we were given a balcony, much to our surprise. And several other times we were given an Ocean View.
  12. Does anyone know if Pinnacle members on Royal Caribbean get free internet?
  13. I just love Royal Caribbean and hope at some point they would do a world cruise. Or at least some grand voyages. At present, I only see one cruise for 21 days and that's it. And the odd re-positioning cruise. Has anyone heard of any plans for Royal Caribbean to do any longer cruises in the near future?
  14. The Maasdam itineraries are presently scheduled until September 2019, but I noticed that they are scheduled with the Port Authority to be in Sydney a couple of days each month from October 2019 to February 2020. Perhaps , as mentioned by OlsSalt, they have these ports booked tentatively until they see how the sales go for the first 239 day segment.
  15. Have you met anyone or considered living on a cruise ship? (or for at least for 6 months a year?)
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