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  1. can you please let me know which days are formal nights and post the dining menus if possible? thank you! we are going on this cruise in May, so excited!!
  2. Is the beach at Harvest Cay nice and clear or is it murky? Is Harvest Cay even worth getting off of the cruise for?
  3. Hello! 😁 One of the ports our cruise goes to is Harvest Cay, was wondering if it's even worth getting off the cruise ship? Is the water nice? Clear like the Bahamas? We are debating staying on and enjoying the water park and ropes course while docked here.
  4. Thanks for all the responses. Few more questions if you don't mind... Is Vibe worth it? What is the cost? We read the pool decks get packed and their are a lot of chair hogs. It's my husband Dirty 30 birthday🥳, anything special we could do to celebrate? We have Cagneys and Le Bistro booked, is it good? Can you order more than one entree, appetizer and/or dessert? How does the "Free" drink package work? unlimited drinks? do they cut you off after a certain amount? Is the Ice Bar worth experiencing? Anymore advise and tip is still greatly appreciated!😃
  5. We will be on the Breakaway in May for a 5 night cruise and have a few questions... Can you access your room when you embark? Which restaurant is open on embarkation? We want to avoid the buffet? We booked Priority Access since we enjoy it on Carnival, has anyone used it yet? Where do you go to book the comedy shows? We reserved seating for Burn the Floor and Six, is it assign seating or first come first serve? How early do they seat you and how early should we get there? Has anyone seen Escape the Big Top show? Is it good? Where do you go to reserve for it? Any late night entertainment worth doing? Anyone have menus and Freestyle Dailies for the 5 night cruise? Any tips or tricks we should know? Thanks!
  6. I received the same email and called NCL and the rep said it was most likely a glitch in the system and it should of gone out to only a certain sailing, I would call and confirm just to make sure
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