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  1. Update: we called and were only offered the short sailings in January or February. They did offer the FCC but we chose the refund.
  2. We had received our first casino offer which was for an inside cabin. We paid to upgrade to a balcony on November 14th Symphony. We have an email in asking what will be happening since everything is cancelled but haven't heard back yet, other than the automated response.
  3. Does anyone have the current pricing and what is available in the picnic baskets? We will be on the Equinox in January and have an alcove booked one day. Thank you for your help!
  4. We did a family reunion cruise on the Symphony in March. Previously I have been on the Allure and Oasis. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of food on the Symphony. No complaints about anything. There will be a lot of kids but we didn't experience any issues because of that. The down side is the Symphony was quite a bit more expensive than our upcoming Equinox cruise.
  5. My friend had the same issue - had to finally call to get help. They told her they have been experiencing a lot of web issues.
  6. Banti - Sharing from the hotel to the ship sound great! I will email them and confirm the price. Do you have a specific time you are thinking of for pickup? Kim
  7. I received a quote from friend-in-france for pick up at the Nice airport and delivery to Le Meredian hotel for 35 euro, then from our hotel to the ship in Monte Carlo for 80 euro. Does that sound about right? Any other options?
  8. Thank you all for your help!
  9. I am looking at paying the deviation fee so I can arrive 1-2 days prior to our November Med cruise. I am looking at Chicago to Nice, then Barcelona to Chicago. My agent is saying I pay the $175 per person upfront and give them my air wishes, then they will get back to me with a schedule and any extra fees. I also have premium economy. I looked at the cheapest options which are TAP, Air Canada and LOT going to Nice and basically just American Airlines coming back. Can any of you experts out there give me an opinion on the Chicago to Nice route (TAP, Air Canada or LOT)? I haven't flown on
  10. Pulled out my invoice. O air is $800 per person plus $298 for premium economy so that is better than what I can do on my own. Just wish I could get the travel details earlier. I tend to be a bit anal with planning. Thanks again everyone!
  11. I did a quick look on Travelocity. It looks like one way tickets ORD-NCE and Barcelona to ORD run about $1500 each for premium economy minimum, so about $3000 for each of us for airfare. I'm guessing O will do better.
  12. Thank you everyone for your replies. I'm sorry - I forgot to mention that I will be flying out of Chicago (which is the closest main hub offered). I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. I have already paid my cruise in full. I see some have mentioned booking directly - how would that affect my O Life? I had $600 onboard credit which I've used for excursions. I hope my questions are making sense. This is our first time with Oceania so things are quite a bit different for me.
  13. I originally booked my first Oceania cruise directly with Oceania but switched to a travel agent who offered additional onboard credit. I added $199 premium economy coverage. We are sailing out of Monte Carlo November 11 on the Marina and finishing up at Barcelona on November 23. I asked my travel agent when I would get flight information. They replied not until 70 days prior to the cruise. Does that sound correct? Can anyone shed some light on possible air carriers? Thank you for any help!
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