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  1. right now Alaska is having a heat wave it has been in the 80-90 F in some places, it would not hurt to be prepared with some shorts and short sleeve just in case. Carry clothes you can layer.
  2. thank you for posting, I have her booked for August cannot wait.
  3. Another vote for Hoonah Whale Tours with Captain Jordan, we got lucky they were not able to fill the boat so it was only my, daughter sister and I. It was an awesome day. We actually had a whale that came towards us and dove under the boat, we saw several breaches.
  4. I had the French Toast it was tasty.
  5. There is Avis, and we are renting with DIY Jeep it is a little more expensive as they are all jeeps, but my husband loves jeeps. There may be another one but I am not sure.
  6. I had never seen the show, but enjoyed the tour we are going again this coming summer.
  7. Icy Strait Point has one of the highest populations of bears in the world. Last summer we did a Bear Search with Hoonah Travel Adventures and saw 2 sows with 1/2 grown cubs. A few years before that we did another bear search with another company and saw bears. I don't think it is super expensive, and is done via a van no flying needed to do it. now for my disclaimer bears are wild animals and while I have seen bears both times I went no sighting is ever guaranteed. Here are a couple of photos from last summer.
  8. Another vote for Running Reindeer Ranch if you can book it, we had a blast (even when the baby got a case of the zoomies and ran into my husband almost knocking him down LOL babies will be babies).
  9. It is a fun excursion, very informative. Like others have said there are great photo ops for eagles when they stop to feed some. The chance to hold or touch crabs. We are doing this tour for a 2nd time this summer. Oh and if raining there is covering with little heaters for those that may get chilly. Here are a few pics we took last time.
  10. We went out last June with Hoonah Travel Adventures and saw bears. We saw 2 sets of mom's with 1/2 grown cubs. Here are a some pictures from our trip.
  11. the path is partially paved however once there are a lot of pebble river rocks so pushing a stroller might be difficult.
  12. Tljcruiser- we went out with Hoonah Whale Tours last June you will not be disappointed, they work closely with Glacier Wind and we had an awesome time. I cannot recommend them enough. We had a whale turn towards our boat, then dove right under us, came up on the other side and a few minutes later started breaching. We also did a bear search before our whale tour with Hoonah Travel Adventures and saw 2 sets of mom's with cubs. May not be peak season but we did see both bears and whales on that trip. Here are just a few pics from our day.
  13. We usually just take the shuttle to Talkeetna and walk around, also the Lodge has a Tree House you can hike to, it is kind of steep in places but not a very long hike. It was featured on Tree House Masters.
  14. I like whale watching and doing a bear search, they have one of the highest populations of bears in the world and you do not have to fly to go try to find them. This pic taken right out the van front window of 1 of the bear/cubs we saw this last trip.
  15. We did Whale Watching in Icy Strait Point with Hoonah Whale Tours, they were fabulous. That freed up Juneau for other things like Mendenhall Glacier and the Tram.
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