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  1. So trip over. Norway is beautiful but sadly, would have been breathtaking with blue skies, which we did not have. Room was fine tho the wall between us and the next suite was paper thin. Heard the guy in the next cabin with a hacking cough for 12 days! NCL is a casual cruise. I take that to mean slacks and a nice shirt for dinner, I was astounded at the dress on this cruise, unlike on our first NCL cruise. The number of people showing up for dinner in shorts and tee shirts was astounding to me. Le Bistro was fantastic and really felt like an upscale experience.
  2. Ah - but all cars sold by Lexus are expensive! But really Stephen, I'm fine and even NCL acknowledged that I was treated poorly.
  3. You're right - apparently the posting disappeared but I promise it was there. I mentioned the travel agent so it was probably removed. The gist of the post was that after 45 minutes on the phone with NCL - most on hold - they told me that they hold told the agent that the deal would change. She swore it never happened, spoke to the original NCL agent who confirmed it and they made it up to her and to me. She was really fuming. I think the basics were that as a client, they couldn't care less how I felt but they were reticent to make a travel agent from one of their major bookin
  4. Original booking had $50 excursion credit per port PER PERSON plus 250 internet access per person. Those two are worth $450. But if you read the thread, you can see that they agreed to reinstatethat which they took away AND they gave me a $450 credit (totally unexpected) as they said the price went down. It was maddening but glad I spoke up. And from reading the rest of the posts in this thread, seems they are not usually that responsive.
  5. Got it. Thanks for the clarification. Now the only thing we have to worry about is the weather!
  6. Apparently you are much more knowledgeable and experienced than I am. Cancel was not only never mentioned but my confirmation number remained the same. I would assume if it was cancelled and rebooked, the confirmation number would have changed. Doesn't that at least sound reasonable?
  7. We will be taking our second NCL cruise next month - 12 nights to the Norwegian Fjords. Our first was 15 nights in South America. The first trip we reserved the Owners Suite and this trip the Penthouse Suite. We have given a lot of money to NCL. A bit over a week ago, we saw that a larger Penthouse Suite was available and asked if we could upgrade for a reasonable fee. We were able to upgrade for $300. Today we found out that because we changed our reservation, they changed - meaning REDUCED - our benefits, taking away $50 excursion credit for 7 ports ($350), additional internet minutes and
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