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  1. Need some guidance on procedures for transferring luggage to a different cabin on the second leg of a back to back cruise. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. beloum

    Alaska cruise

    Was a tossup. Chose SF for departure, because we plan on adding a few days at the end for Yosemite and Napa. Thanks for the response.
  3. beloum

    Alaska cruise

    Am looking at 2 different cruise itineraries on Miracle out of SF for next summer. Hopefully all will be ok by then. Both itineraries are almost identical except one stops at Sitka and the other at Icy Strait Point. Anyone have opinions on which is better?
  4. I cant seem to find any cruises out of Port Canaveral past Oct 21. There are a handful sailings in Sept and Oct on Divina, then that ship moves to Miami. I thought maybe Meraviglia was moving to Port Canaveral?
  5. Sorry if this has been discussed already. Just had my first MSC cruise cancelled (actually 3 of them). On all of them I had various amounts of OBC. The email mentioned compensation of 125% but was wondering if the OBC from the cancelled cruise will carry over to a new booking, or is it lost? Thanks
  6. Holland America and Celebrity have itineraries that include St. Lucia if you are open to those lines.
  7. Maybe I can help a little. Been there many times on both Carnival and HAL. As far as rentals, there is a hut where you can rent clamshells, floats, and snorkel equip. Not sure if there is anything else. Clamshells I believe are $25 or so. Floats are around $10. Clamshells are nice to stay out of the sun, however I have found they get hot and stuffy blocking off the breeze. Better to find a lounger in shade. All loungers are free. As mentioned, you can also rent cabanas which are airconditioned, have a shower, and come with snacks and drinks. A bit pricey, but are ver
  8. My bad didn't read the email close enough. Since you are booked on a cruise in this time frame from Port Miami or Port Canaveral we want you to know what this means for you.Throughout this pause, we have said that our return to operations will be gradual and phased in. When the time is right and we are able to resume cruising we plan on starting up our operations initially from Port Miami and Port Canaveral. Further, we realize this impacts holiday plans, including for those booked out of Port Miami and Port Canaveral. Therefore, we will allow guests booked on cruises operating from Port
  9. Very odd. I have a Nov cruise from Miami and a Dec from Pt Canaveral, and I got the cancellation email. Just a little confused.
  10. Thanks for the iunformation, For some reason, I was thinking it was something added onto the Fantasy class ships when the were refurbished.
  11. Can someone tell me which ships the scenic ocean view cabins are located on. I'm referring to the OV cabins at the front of the ship with floor to ceiling windows. I can;t seem to find any available. Thanks
  12. Really wouldn't count on any vaccine being the end all to the Carona issues. When if finally is approved (most optimistic estimates are late 2020 early 2021), there is the logistical nightmare of distribution. Health care workers and first responders will be first, followed by high risk groups. The distribution could take up to a year or more. Then there is the matter of cost. Will it be free to everyone, covered by insurance? Who knows. I recently got the Shingles vaccine. Price was $750. I really don't think the cruise industry can survive by waiting till everyone h
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