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  1. Do drink packages include glasses of wine in the restaurants on sky princess ?
  2. If you have a suite on sky princess, is there a dedicated restaurant for breakfast ?
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    thank you will do !
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    thank you for your advice
  5. Can you get a taxi on the dockside by the Cruise Ship ? or do you have to take the shuttle into town. I am asking because we wish to see friends on the Island and it would make it easier for us .... Thank you
  6. Thank you very much for this information....
  7. At what time does the Queen Vic sail from Funchal, when visiting on 3rd November 2022 ? Want to visit relatives on this date and wondering if we will have time.
  8. I will shortly be on Queen Victoria. My friends have recently returned from a cruise, but were disappointed about the closeness of the tables in the Queen's Grille. Some of them are side by side with little distance between the two. I am not anti social but my wife and I had the experience of a woman sat beside us who would not stop talking...which spoilt the evening dinner, so much so that we had to eat at a later time to avoid them (it did not work..they began to eat later !! ) Can we choose the table we want at the start of the cruise ? Some of the tables are spaced at a more realistic distance apart. I was thinking of speaking to the Maitre d' on embarkation. Do you think that would help ?. Advice would be very much appreciated.
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