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  1. Well, I'm answering my own question... Our TA contacted the head of the Mariner Society. It is still 1400 days. Guess the ship needs to get their facts straight!
  2. Has anyone heard if/when the number of sailing days needed for Presidents Club went up from 1400 days to 1500 days? We heard today at a Mariner Appreciation reception that it's now 1500 days. Not happy when we are closing in the coveted 1400 days! Would appreciate knowing if anyone else has heard the same thing.
  3. Thanks very much for the information! I really like both of those captains! I assume that Captan Robert Schuchmann is actually Captain Jeroen Schuchmann. We have sailed with him twice on the PRDM. We are sorry, though, that we will miss Captain Dag by just a few days.
  4. Anyone know who the captain and HD will be on the Prinsendam in September?
  5. I kept giving feedback reporting that the last website update was bad. Now they have managed to make it FAR worse! For days, my 979 sea days were MIA, with it telling me I needed to sail one day to achieve 1-star mariner status! I finally called Seattle. They lady said she'd spent the entire morning apologizing to people for the website. It appears that now that has been fixed - finally! We have five bookings lined up. Trying to move from one to the other is a real pain! Every single time I want to get to a different booking, I have to sign in again! Extremely inefficient and inconvenient! . HAL needs to find someone who knows how to design a user-friendly website. I agree with the people who say that it will discourage cruisers who may be new to HAL! :loudcry:
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