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  1. I have selected wifi for just myself on upcoming cruise. I have not paid, but my name is faded & it's allowing me to chose my husband only. It's showing that it is reserved & it says on my name "limited to once per cruise" . If I select my husband it goes to payment. I'm really puzzled if I have wifi reserved or not. We can manage with one device & don't want to purchase for two. I noticed that it is advised that Captains Club are entitled to discount & precruise purchases of wife & beverage packages, is this in addition to the sale price offered?
  2. Thanks. I’m definitely not going to be one of them. Our flights are a bit complicated to change but I definitely know that we won’t make it. I have the choice of any evening flight or next day. I know I don’t want that kind of stress.
  3. Definitely in the process of changing flight, even to the day after if necessary.
  4. I'm aware of the problem & taking necessary steps, hopefully to change the flight. If not hopefully the airline will get us on a later flight.
  5. Thanks. If the ship arrives at 5, is there not an earlier time? I was booked on a cruise finishing a day earlier, but we booked an extra day in Amsterdam. Unfortunately we have an early flight & have to get to Amsterdam airport. Our flight is 10. I know it is not recommended such an earlier flight but we originally planned to arrive the day before. I'm not sure if I can change our flights.
  6. According to the itinerary ETA in Rotterdam is 5 am. What is the earliest that we can disembark? I presume if we do it independently this could be quicker but I'm not sure we'd manage that. We have Captains Club but only Select Member. I've put a bid to upgrade to Concierge, but I doubt we'll get it.
  7. I was wondering if this a port call that we can find tours on arrival in Bergen. I understand there is a HOHO too. I would appreciate any recommendations of companies offering tours that we can book pre-cruise. Thanks
  8. All the ships early tours went to this other port. The later tenders were to Fira.
  9. I did notice that the tenders that were used on our cruise were operated by the Santorini authorities & not the ships lifeboat tenders. I actually went back on an afternoon tender without queuing for a little stroll around the old port & to see the extent of the queues to go up. That’s when we saw that there were local vendors selling tours by boat to Oia, transport to Fira & cable car return. Our tender did not take us to Fira port, it was another port where our buses waited for us to take us to Oia. Our trip was the first that left the ship & we were there at 8:45. The shops were just opening & our tender was the first of the day. We had 90 minutes in Oia before transport to Fira.
  10. Quite honestly once you’ve walked around a little, if it’s crowed it’s best not to hang around. Most of the shops are much like each other. When we got to Fira we made our way straight to the cable car. We didn’t wait even a minute. We got on straight away. We enjoyed a little stroll around Fira old port before a short wait for our tender.
  11. I’d definitely reconsider. According to the schedule your one of 5 ships. I suppose you could always walk down slowly. By mid afternoon it could be less crowded. What time is sail away?
  12. Glad that it worked out well for you. Sounds like a nightmare. When we were in Mykonos there were 5 ships in port, two of which were very big ships.it was horrendous but thankfully the queues were only for the water taxis which were frequent.
  13. That’s what I thought. They do from Celebrity to RCCL. I was hoping that maybe things had changed.
  14. We have OBC for our upcoming cruise. Can we book tours using this OBC pre-cruise? I don't want to pay extra knowing that we have a nice OBC.
  15. We recently booked a cruise on the Millennium & the only staterooms available were the V2 GTY veranda. I presume allocation is only after final payment, but how much before sailing will we know our stateroom number? Does our Captains Club status influence the stateroom that will be selected for us? I know that our Captains Club points are transferrable to RCCL Crown & Anchor, but does Celebrity still not accredit the Crown & Anchor to the Captains Club?
  16. We didn’t of course, as we were Any Time Dining. However, I was informed that it was the acceptable wiggle time by the Head floor Waiter.
  17. I realized only by the middle of the cruise that if we’d gone to the set time for 18:00 & turned up at 18:30, it was acceptable. That way we would have had our regular table the full length of the cruise. It’s important both for cruisers & staff to have the same table.
  18. Thanks. I was very dissatisfied with the SD on the last RCCL, we were given terrible seating & even neglected. Twice we were sitting by the kitchen exit. We were moved around table-less until I discussed it with the Captains Club Concierge - after which we were seated & attended too with the service we’re used to. As we have not sailed Celebrity since 2020, I just didn’t want to make sure that we won’t have that bad experience again.
  19. Thank you. However, the reservation is already locked on Anytime & is not opening for me to chose a time. if we decide to take Early from 18:00 is there a wiggle time allowed for turning up? I think this is what we should have done on RCCL.
  20. We have mainly cruised Celebrity in the past, but our last 2 cruises were with RCCL. My understanding of My Time was that we could book whenever it was convenient for us. This was so last year with RCCL & we booked our convenient time for the whole of the cruise & had the same table each evening. We've just returned from a RCCL that Any Time Dining was from 19:30 only. This was very inconvenient. We will be cruising on the Millennium in February, If we booked "My Time" will we be able to book the time that is convenient for us?
  21. It sounds good to visit Kamari, you definitely wouldn’t need 3 hours in Oia unless you were planning to eat in a restaurant. 90 minutes was more than enough.
  22. I believe that the Tourist season begins April/May until the end of October.
  23. From what I saw you can certainly use the local tour from Fira port to Oia port as mentioned. I don’t know how many ships will be in port when you’re in Mykonos but we were tendered there too. The only ship that was at the port was MSC mega ship the other 4 were tendering. we were rendered to the new port & had to get a water taxi to the old port for €4 return. I hope they’ll be less ships when you’re there.
  24. We had 90 minutes in Oia. There were people that got the Ship’s tender to Fira, took a local tour which included water taxi to Oia, bus from port to the town, transfer to Fira & the cable car down. It cost them €30-40. That was a really good deal. I saw them selling this tour when we returned via Fira. The non ship tour passengers were not given tender tickets until 8:30. We were in Oia at 9:15 just as the shops were opening.
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